What a Fight!!! Monday – 110919

What a Fight!!! Monday – 110919

No we’re not talking about ‘that’ fight…we’re talking about Fight Gone Bad 6! It was more than incredible and the energy that everyone brought made this an event we’ll never forget.

Not only did our gym raise nearly $10000 and rank in the top 50 in the world (not so humble brag) and our Volts and Vixens performed incredibly but  most importantly we came together for 3 amazing charities.

For many of you doing this workout in front of hundreds of new people is something completely outside of your comfort zone. But you stepped up and conquered yet another goal. The amount of Personal Records gained shows how well you all prepared and how serious you took your training.

Our 6am ‘Waffle WODers’ stepped up and put on their ‘big boy pants’ as we like to say…Vani (bottom left) did the workout ‘As Prescribed’ for her first time as did many of our early birds…and of course she was awesome! Big scores all around from the morning crew and they were also our top fundraising class!!! Yeah Buddy!!!

Jeff (right side) has been training consistently and following our coaching and programming for more than 6 months now. He improved his score by over 100 points (104points to be exact!). Results are typical…

Big thanks for CrossFit LA CrossFit Pasadena CrossFit 818 CrossFit Hollywood and Brick CrossFit for helping put on a great event and raising over $70000 total for our troop’s families.

Stay tuned for more photos and stories to come throughout the week!

Monday’s WOD’s: 

All Levels CrossFit: 
Warm up: Cones & Agility Ladder
 A. 4x 400 meter run.
rest 2 minutes after each run
 B. Work Sets x 3 sets
10x Deadlift (touch & go): rest 30 sec
10x Strict Pull Ups: (use band as needed CtB if possible) rest 30 sec
10x Ring Dips rest: 30 sec (40×0 if possible they can be done unbroken)
50x Double Unders: rest 30 sec
Rest 1 minute after each round.
C) AMRAP double unders in 2 minutes.
Level 1 CrossFit
15) A. 3×400 meter runs
Rest 2 minutes after each run
B. Skill: Deadlift
WOD:  3 stations 5 rounds through. 30 sec on 30 sec off: Score is Lowest Reps at Each Station (7 deads 5 pull ups 3 push ups)
-Pull Ups
-hand release Push Ups (keep tight midline and no worming for both knee and toe push ups)