Fran (like) Friday! September 23

Fran (like) Friday! September 23

For some funny reason our OG CrossFit video just found its second wind on the internets. I guess it was from the awesome programming!

This is for those of you who are still catching the gist of how incredibly talented and diverse our CrossFitters are. They come from many different backgrounds with many different skills and stories. But we converge to improve our lives to push ourselves and become something greater than we are alone. Enjoy!


The other big announcement is we are adding MORE classes to our ever growing schedule!

Starting Tuesday Oct 4 we are adding a T/Th 7am Level 1 CrossFit class especially designed for new members of our gym and Community to teach the basics of CrossFit. This will round out our 7am weekday schedule with a beginner CrossFit class every day.

Our Level 1 CrossFit class is specially designed for taking people new to CrossFit teaching the fundamental concepts and movements and setting them up for long term fitness success. We now have them every morning and night as well as the weekend. Check out our schedule and find one of over 40 exciting group classes per week. Ever Ready? You Betcha!

Friday’s WOD: 

All Levels

A. 15-15-15 ‘Fran’ for time

95/65# Thrusters

Pull Ups

B. Skill Work: 3 sets
Hollow  Rock x 20
L-Sit x 20 sec
Bar hang: Max Effort

Level 1 CrossFit: 

Skill: Thruster
WOD: 15-15-15 reps for time.
Pull Ups (band is ok)

B. Review:
Hollow Rock L-Sit and Bar hangs