Friday – Rocktober 14

Friday – Rocktober 14

-We’re always looking for ways to improve our class schedule. If you’re interested in a Friday 5pm class please let us know in comments!

Friday’s WOD’s
All Levels:
A1.  Back squat

A2. Hand stand push ups
As many as possible -2 (soft fail)
Score total combined hspu reps
Sub ring dips push ups knee push ups

B. 15 min AMRAP
3x hang power snatch (unbroken if possible)
6x overhead squat (unbroken if possible)
9x chest to bar pull ups

Level 1:
Skill: Back squat
Sets of 5 reps going up in weight as long as form maintains

WOD: 15m amrap
3x burpees
5x pull ups
7x goblet squats
9x kb swing