Thursday – Rocktober 13

Thursday – Rocktober 13

Events events events!!! What you don’t have these dates on your calendar yet???

  • Halloween Horror Nights. This Friday Night 8pm at Universal Studios. Get your tickets now!
  • Barbells for Boobs. Saturday Oct 29. 10am -1pm at CF High Voltage! Click here to register now!
  • Spartan Race: 3 mile obstacle run. We’ve already got over 15 people on this team. Sign up here it will sell out within the next 2 weeks: Click here to register now! 

Thursday’s WOD’s: 

All Levels CrossFit

A. Bear Complex

5 sets of 5 cycles through. Rest no more than 3 min after each set.

-Power clean Front Squat push press/jerk back squat behind neck push press back to the ground repeat.

5 burpee penalty for dropping the bar or resting on the ground during the set (to be done all at the end)

Bx 1. Touch & Go Clean & Jerk. AMRAP Touch & Go C&J at Grace weight (135/95 rx scale as needed)

C. Tabata sit ups. Low score. V-ups or lemon squeezers are ok.

Level 1 CrossFit: 

Skill: sumo deadlift high pull with a barbell. Sets of 5 reps for 10 min.

WOD: 15 min amrap

10x  (kb or barbell is ok)

15x sit ups

50x jump rope passes