Monday – Rocktober 17

Monday – Rocktober 17

Today’s training for both Level 1 (beginner) and All Levels (everyone) includes a lot of work on the front squat. The front squat is a very important fundamental movement for CrossFit training and not only for the great physical response it illicits in your body. Without improving your front squat your thrusters (front squat to push press) will struggle so will an attempt at a heavy clean & jerk and those pesky wall balls will continue to be draining.

Be ready for tons of work on this as your training session today. Know that working your front squat will help other parts of CrossFit become less difficult (but never easy though).

Now let’s get after it!

Some of your High Voltage coaches after some tough WOD’s at CrossFit Invicus in San Diego with CJ Martin (left).

Monday’s WOD’s:
All Levels CrossFit:
Skill: review pistol progressions
MOB (mobility): front squat band stretch.
A1. Front Squat 5-5-3-3-3 : rest 15 sec then
A2. Gymnastic: L-Sit x3 (only after first 3 sets) score is shortest attempt.
B. 10 minute AMRAP of:
5 pull up
10 push up
15 squats
10 alternating pistols (foot in front of body)
15 pull ups

Level 1 CrossFit:
Skill: front squat
5 reps at a time going up in weight as long as form maintains
Mobility: forearm stretch & front squat band stretch

WOD: 12 minutes AMRAP:
3x pull ups (sub ring rows)
6x push ups
9x squats