Friday, Rocktober 21 – Deadlifts!!!

Friday, Rocktober 21 – Deadlifts!!!

Friday Friday…time to lift HEAVY!!! We had tons of PR’s on ‘Kelly’ yesterday which is just awesome!!! Kelly is a very long quad dominant workout. Today we’re flipping the script and going big on the posterior chain to round out an awesome 5 days of training.

If you’ve been coming to your sessions regularly you’ll have noticed that we’ve been having you all do deadlifts ‘up & down’ the reason is to get more work on the hamstring during the descent of the lift. So why is that important?

One major reason we emphasize this on the deadlift is that by building your entire body up as much as possible during training you’ll have the most options available to you when it’s finally time to perform. You will be able to activate and control more parts of your body when you need it and that’s a very good thing. Localized muscular fatigue be damned! Get your entire body in the game!!!

So this guy has ZERO options…We will of course be doing the exact opposite of this in your training session today. And when you finish your training be sure to thank your coaches for making sure technique ->consistency -> intensity stays at the top of our focus with you.

Friday’s Training:

A. Deadlift (up and down)

B. Deadlift: 10 minutes 3 reps every minute at the start of the minute.
Weight should be about 70-80% of your 5 rep.

C. Push up challenge
2 min max push ups
Rest 2 min
1 min max push ups
Rest 1 min
30 sec Max push ups
Rest 30 sec
15 sec max push ups
Done. Score is total reps.

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Deadlift
5 reps up & down for 10 minutes. Going up in weight stops when technique breaks start.

Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes:
5 deadlifts
10 push ups.