Tuesday – Rocktober 25

Tuesday – Rocktober 25

-Only 5 days left until CFHV hosts the Barbells for Boobs Fundraiser raising money for free mammogram screenings. If you’re one of the few who hasn’t registered yet please do take a moment and to do this now at www.barbellsforboobs.com and select the CrossFit High Voltage team! If you can’t make it this Saturday but would still like to donate you can do so at the same link.

There are no classes this Saturday only Barbells for Boobs.

The event starts at 10am with the workouts going in heats every 15 minutes until about 11:30am.

The Paleo Potluck BBQ will start after the final heat has finished their workout. As always friends & family are welcome!

-Lindsay & Sarah are getting ready for the next NLI competition and having some ‘fun’ swinging the 53# KB for 75 reps in yesterdays WOD!

-While new guy Zach learns proper Kettle bell form and has an ‘awesome workout’ perfect for his current level as a new CrossFitter while building the proper base on technique and consistency to one day make him breathe fire!

Tuesday’s Training:

All Levels:

A. 3x Power Clean & Power Jerk x 5 sets: rest 90 seconds – 2 minutes per set

B. Clean Grip Deadlift (no hook grip!) x 2 reps rest no more than 90 sec per set

C. Double Alternating Tabata – Total Reps

-Bumper Plate Sit Ups

-Bumper Plate Burpees (yeah you thought you could avoid them Monday…but you can’t!)

Level 1 CrossFit:

Skill: Power Clean

WOD: Triple Alternating Tabata – Total Reps

-Bumper Plate Sit Up

-Bumper Plate Burpee

-Back Extension