Wednesday – Rocktober 26

Wednesday – Rocktober 26

Are you ready to take your CrossFit knowledge to the next level? If you think you are or would like to find out please meet us this Thursday night at 6pm at High Voltage for the first High Voltage Instructor Training Program (ITP) info session.

We’ve been very excited with the response so far from our Community and how many of you want to take this next step!

At this meeting we will cover the entire program expectations eligibility requirements and answer any questions you may have. For full information regarding the next progression for you and our gym please follow this link:

High Voltage Instructor Training Program (ITP)


This is AWESOME! 94 consecutive TRIPLE UNDERS! And the cool kids behind her couldn’t be less impressed…

Wednesday’s Training: 

All Levels:

A. 3x400m run
Rest 3 min after each set. Total time is score these runs should be hard!

B. For time
50-40-30-20-10 double unders
Ctb Pull ups (scale down progression as needed)

Level 1 CrossFit: 
-3x400m run
Rest 3 min after each set

Skill Review: Kipping pull ups C&D and double unders
12min amrap
10x pull ups
50x jump rope passes (25 doubles or any combo)