Tuesday – November 1

Tuesday – November 1

Great job on Angie yesterday! Let’s flip the script and hit some hard intervals!

All Levels CrossFit
A. Snatch & OHS
sets of- 3x Power Snatch 3xOHS going up in weight

B. 5 rounds – 2 min on 2 min off. Amrap. Start each round exactly where you left off.
7x kbs
7x sdlhp
7x kb snatch (total reps either arm)
21 double unders

Level 1 CrossFit:

Skill-sdlhp – sets of 5 reps with a barbell for 10 min.


5 sets of – 2 min on 2 min off amrap. Score total rounds and start every rd where you left off.

7x kb swing
7x sdlhp
40x jump rope passes