Wednesday – November 2 – We are CrossFit High Voltage

Wednesday – November 2 – We are CrossFit High Voltage

-Don’t forget…this Friday we’re starting our 5pm All Levels class for those of you that need to get your daily dose before your weekend starts. We’re also adding another Level 1 CrossFit class to the schedule. Friday’s at 6pm is now a Level 1 CrossFit class. See you all there!

Albee knows that if you wear a cape the workout is automatically rx+. Yeah Buddy!

Then I got this cool message from Albee I wanted to pass along. We LOVE getting these!!! 

“After the “Barbells for Boobs” event I realized something the next day…
2 weeks of CrossFit High Voltage has changed me already mentally & physically….
Not only do I get a high octane non-stop workout but also I’ve become part of a family a family that encourages me constantly to push my limits..
CrossFit isn’t just about getting in shape……it’s about changing your life…so that after every workout no matter what’s going on in your life there’s one thing you can be proud of and smile about………you & your fitness…….Thank you CrossFit! You’re stuck with me now!”

Albee has even started a new saying around the gym…”We are CrossFit High Voltage”. I love this because it is so true. You all make this Community so special.

We are made up of every single Volt and Vixen’s energy positive attitude persistence sweat commitment to achieving your goals and your help in enabling everyone else to achieve theirs. We have a place where you can attempt things you would not even try on your own and where you have permission to fail…because we’re all going to be there to help you take the next step towards a better you. And a better you means a better us. 

“We are CrossFit High Voltage” 

The Ocho is CrossFit High Voltage!

Wednesday’s Training

All Level CrossFit:
A1. Back squat 3-3-3-3-3
A2. L-Sit: 20 sec minimum x 3 sets (not all 5 sets)
B.for time
12 Power Clean
30 wall balls
9 Power Clean
30 wall balls
6 Power Clean

The weight on power cleans is so it can be performed unbroken hopefully – challenging but with as few breaks as possible.

Level 1 CrossFit:

Skill: Push Press

WOD: 15 min amrap
1..2..3 dumbbell push press…add 1 push press every round until time expires.
5 wall ball after every round completed.