Thursday – November 3 – Rep-A-Day Holiday Challenge

Thursday – November 3 – Rep-A-Day Holiday Challenge

You’ve worked hard all year and our entire team is so proud of the achievements and accomplishments that everyone of you has earned at CFHV. But the end of the year is coming up and we want to help you keep every single gain you’ve made. Whether it’s family travel or both…we know there are plenty of traps that can potentially throw you off the progress made so far.

But we aren’t gonna let you fall off! We’ve made an awesome Community Challenge designed to help keep all of us on course and something you might even get all your visiting friends and family involved in!

This ‘High Voltage Rep-A-Day Holiday Challenge’ is designed to fit perfectly with the holiday season. It’s a simple body weight workout progression that you could even invite your friends and family to participate in! The movements are rules are simple so that anyone can do it at any place you might be!

Here’s how the Rep-A-Day Holiday Challenge works:

  •  You perform 1 rep of your chosen movement on the first day; Monday November 14 then 2 reps on the second day Tuesday November 15 (not so bad right?) and keep going up one rep each day until you reach the 60 rep mark on Friday January 13. On Friday January 13 we’ll all do the 60 reps of the movements at each class so we can finish together as a Community.

There will be 3 divisions of buy in:

  • A)”All Stars”-Squats
  • B)”Rock Star”-Push Ups
  • C)”Super Star”-Burpees…and of course the ‘Rx Plus’ upgrade of Unbroken Burpees…

The reps can be performed anywhere you want and can be divided up through out the day in as many partitions as needed (5 reps in the AM 10 reps at noon etc). At home on vacation with the In-Laws…what a great excuse to get out of ‘quality time’ with the In-Laws…sorry I’ve got to go do my Rep-A-Day!

If you miss a day you will have to make up the reps the next day in addition to the reps you have for that day…so don’t miss…the goal is to stay consistent!

This Challenge is open to anyone in the world. Friends and family are welcome to join in and be a part of the ‘fun’ with you and see why CrossFitters stick to our fitness goals more than any other type of fitness program!

The High Voltage “Rep-A-Day Holiday Challenge” starts Monday November 14…Anywhere USA.

One Rep A Day keeps Hayley’s intensity up all year long!!!

Thursday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit

A1. Clean grip DL – 5 TnG reps; rest 20 sec – hook grip ok.
A2. AMRAP HSPU in 60 sec; rest 2 min x 4
B. Row sprints – 20 sec @ max effort; rest 1:40 at minimum x 5 – focus on leg drive and turnover!
C. Toes to bar – 15reps x 4 sets; rest 1 min after ea set

Level 1 CrossFit:
Skill: Deadlift

Sets of 3 reps up and down.


Rowing sprints: 350 meters rest roughly 3-4 min x 3 sets.

Finisher – tabata sit ups : low score