Monday – November 7 – Dealing with ‘Failure’

Monday – November 7 – Dealing with ‘Failure’

Failure is Important…

Failure is a wake-up call. It is a warning signal that tells us that we’re doing something incorrect. A good example of this is one of my personal weaknesses kettlebell Snatches. I feel like I’ve grown so much stronger since I began training at CFHV. Yet just recently we had a workout with kettlebell snatches. And no matter how hard I pulled up or how much I willed the snatch to happen correctly I still struggled. The bell kept hitting my arm my pace slowed immensely and I failed.
What went wrong? I’m stronger now. My endurance is much better. I should be able to do these. I realized in that moment that my approach was all wrong. Brute strength wasn’t going to cut it here. It was like I was trying to shove a round peg into a square hole. My faults lie on a more fundamental level and I’m simply not there yet.

What We Can Learn From Failure

The thing that attracts me to CrossFit so much is how many things are directly translatable to our everyday lives. Learning to deal with failure and frustrating situations in a positive way at the gym teaches us how to handle similar situations in other parts of our lives. Whether its a family issue something work related making a diet change or even relationship problems.  CrossFit has taught me is that you can’t keep trying the same thing and expect different results. Maybe taking a step back and reevaluating everything can help to improve our efforts and give us a better chance to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way. I’m going to take a step back and practice the fundamental movements of the KB snatch. I’m changing my approach. And while they won’t be perfect and I won’t be doing heavy reps yet they will be better than they were before. That’s the idea.
Owning up to your faults is a tough pill to swallow. But remember that failure is important because it is the catalyst for growth and success. And while it may win certain battles here and there as soon as we decide not to let our weaknesses hold us back forever the war has already been won.

~Coach Joshua Murillo

Brian getting psyched for another deadlift

Monday’s Training

All Levels:

A1. Push Press
A2. Hollow rock x 15 rocks back & forth

20)B. 3rft
30 double unders
15 pullups
10 thrusters (95/65)
10 burpees

Rest 2 min after each rd. Score is total time.

Level 1 CrossFit:

Skill: push press
Sets of 3 reps going up in weight.

20 min amrap
50 jump rope passes
9 db push press
7 sit ups
5 burpees