Thursday – November 10

Thursday – November 10

Setting goals in CrossFit is great! But it’s also really easy to get caught up in all the fun we’re having and goals we’re accomplishing…that it’s not uncommon to lose sight of the bigger picture. Not getting the score we desired or failing a Deadlift personal record attempt can provide us with a strong although fleeting sensation of discouragement. It’s so important to remember that in becoming a CrossFitter we made a change in how live; it’s not a daily test but it really is a lifestyle change. So when we’re faced with the sensation of discouragement we can turn them into motivation – motivation to further ingrain our healthy lifestyle choices into our everyday habits.

The fact that CrossFit is a lifelong fitness program means managing your spirit and motivation in addition to the proper rest for your body  –  this becomes a very important skill. There are several keys to success that when practiced can ensure this daily progression stays enjoyable.

One of the biggest ones is rest days. Rest days are a huge tool in keeping your body and mind ready to push its limits. Planning your rest in advance is important to stay ahead of the point where you aren’t capable of pushing yourself as hard as you’d like. A constant refinement of proper nutrition sleep and rest will help nourish and propel your training far beyond our current sticking points.

Remember that our progression based program isn’t a sprint where you are give 100% 100% of the time…it’s a marathon and you must manage your energy supply properly to get the most out this lifestyle.

-Coach Tyler

Big congrats to Dizzle! Not only does she try her best in every class brings a great attitude and is doing great in our ITP program…but she got a 4 1/2 minute PR yesterday on ‘Annie’!!! This workout and especially double unders were a big goat for her for almost 2 years…but she’s stayed consistent is super coachable and now she’s reaping the reward! When was the last time you struggled and struggled with something to finally have your ‘ah ha’ moment?

Post how frustrated you were along the way and how great it felt to conquer it to comments.

Thursday’s Training

All Levels

WOD: 8 sets 300m row rest 3 min score is time rowed combined.

The goal is to get the same time every round for all 8 rounds. Take your time in rd 1 then for every second over that time each round…you got it…1 burpee p/second cumulative. All burpees are done together for time. At the end. This will test your fatigue response…how are you going to respond?!?!

Level 1 CrossFit: 
Skill: rowing technique

WOD: 6x300m row rest 3 min.