Tuesday – November 14…a little Community Love

Tuesday – November 14…a little Community Love

That’s right gang we’re getting a little ‘mainsite’ love today! Again Faster came out last week to have Coach Josh B & Stefan perform some heavy thrusters for CrossFit.com. We of course had a great time and I think the extra work helped as Coach Josh put up a competition best 345# clean at the Next Level Invitational on Saturday. Can I get a ‘Yeah Buddy’?!?!

One of the greatest parts of CrossFit in our gym and all around the world is the CrossFit Community. We get to experience it every day with each other…and today we’ll get to give back a little to the greater Community that gives us so much.

  •  Today is also Day 2 of our 60 Day ‘Rep A day’ Holiday Challenge. You’ve made it past 1 day (phew) so let’s stay on top of this!!!
  • Our Sweatshirt and T-Shirt Pre-Order with ‘Life As Rx’ is going on for 3 more days. We are so happy with how many of you are grabbing up the great sweatshirt & t-shirt designs they made for us. Pre-Order ends on Thursday night…get on it and stay looking AWESOME!!!
  • Vixens Only Class this Sunday from 10am to 11:30am. This ladies only class will cover the pull up & push up re-test have a hand care & callus clinic and a Vixen Team WOD. All the ladies are invited.
  • Finally Thanksgiving Potluck this Sunday from 1pm to 3pm. Come out and celebrate early with your gym family! We hope to see you all there. Friends & family are of course welcome.

Here’s Boult with about 335# up to his shoulders at last weekend’s Next Level Invitational. We had a great time and our athletes represented our community with honor. And just as we say every single day in our gym Full Effort is Full Victory. Great work everybody!

Tuesday’s Training:

All Levels:

A. Thruster

B. Take 85% of the 1RM and do an AMRAP with it. AKA Poliquin Muscle Fiber Test.

C. 21-15-9 reps for time
2 for 1 wall ball
ring dips (sub strict push ups/ring dips w/band progression)
toes to bar

Level 1 CrossFit
Skill: Thruster
Sets of 5 reps at a time: focus on torso position and timing of hip drive

30-20-10-5 reps for time
Wall ball
Push Ups
Knees to elbow