Monday – November 21 – Benchmark Week/Thoughts from a Thankful CrossFitter

Monday – November 21 – Benchmark Week/Thoughts from a Thankful CrossFitter

  • It’s Benchmark week…every day this week is a different CrossFit Benchmark so we can help mark your progress and prepare new programming. Today’s Benchmark is “Barbara”…come in and put yourself to the test!

“Thoughts From a Thankful CrossFitter”

In my gym and in my coaches I entrust my progression
With them no Benchmark or WOD will I fear.
My friends say this has become my obsession.
Safely and correctly my instructors will steer.

The time has come ~ the clock has started my heart fills with dread
“Cast it aside” I whisper for I will NOT be numbered among the weak.
To resign to such a lot of me shall it never be said.
I am a CrossFitter thus my will is not meek!

“Get After it!” they shouted so I went that route.
An incredible experience… a new PR!
Confidence and assurance replaced all doubt.
I have taken control and have now raised the bar.

Today I give thanks for this body and for this mind
for it is Thanksgiving and really fate has been quite kind.

-Coach Tyler

Awesome Vixen’s Class only on Sunday! Our ladies got after it and had huge improvements on their monthly challenge of max reps Pull Ups & Push Ups!

These ladies are AMAZING! Katie PR’d to 25 pull ups Desi more than doubled her old PR and got 23…Kathy knocked our her first couple pull ups…Krystal got her first 4…the list goes on and on. Full effort from these athletes and great programming helps unleash their full potential!

Monday’s Benchmark:


5 rounds for time

20x Pull Ups

30x Push Ups

40x Sit Ups

50x Squats

Rest exactly 3 minutes after each round. Score is total time minus the 12 minutes of rest.

Scale down reps to 10-20-30-40 reps of each or to a rep range where each round is 5 minutes or less to keep proper metabolic output.