Tuesday – November 22 – Holiday Packages!!!

Tuesday – November 22 – Holiday Packages!!!

  •  The Holiday’s are HERE…and we want to help everyone give the best gift ever…no not a Ferrari well kind of…it’s the gift of turning your body and life into a Ferrari! At our member’s suggestion we’ve created 3 different packages to help you or someone you love make 2012 the fittest year of your life!

1. The Basic Package

  • 2 x Private Skill sessions
  • CFHV Water Bottle
  • High Voltage Callus Kit
  • High Speed Jump Rope

Save 5%. Package Price is $130.

2. The Journeyman Package

  • 3 x Private Sessions
  • CFHV ‘Loaded’ Gym Bag! (includes gym bag with CFHV Logo lifting wrist straps 3 pack of lacrosse balls and a 6 pack of athletic tape)
  • CFHV Water Bottle
  • High Voltage Callus Kit
  • 2 Guess Passes
  • 60$ CFHV Apparel Gift Card

Save 15%. Package Price is $299

3.The Fire Breather Package!

Awesome CFHV Gear:

  • $200 CFHV Apparel Gift Card
  • High Voltage Callus Kit
  • CFHV ‘Loaded’ Gym Bag
  • Stronger Faster Healtheir Post WOD Protein
  • CFHV Water Bottle

And Spectacular Results:

  • 10 Private Skill Sessions!
  • 6 Guest Passes
  • And a Freaking Kettle Bell!

Save 30%! Package Price is $699

To purchase one of these packages for a friend family member or yourself you can do this at the box…

or click here and get them in our online store:


The High Voltage Spartan Sprint Team is super excited about our Holiday Packages! Let’s keep getting after it in 2012!

“No One’s Looking”

One of the biggest parts of my childhood was practicing baseball with my father. We both had a passion for the game that brought us closer together. It was during this time that he instilled in me many lessons that I refer back to every single day. One of his wisest pieces of advice had to do with the art of practice.
One day after having a bad outing on the baseball diamond he sat me down and asked me why I didn’t do very well. I told him that I dropped a fly ball due to the wind I struck out because the pitcher had an unorthodox curve ball and I got caught stealing second because I simply took off late. He said “Ok so how much did you practice those things this week?” It was one of those questions that he already knew the answer to. “I didn’t practice them this week.” was my reply. He asked why not. So I told him “Well that’s just not what we did during baseball practice this week as a team.” Then he said to me “Son the effort that you give when you’re in a group is great but what really matters is how hard you are willing to work when no one’s looking. You need to go into the batting cage and hit off the tee by yourself for an hour each day. You need to practice sprinting 90 feet 20 times each day with a stop watch. If you do this you won’t have to worry about it on game day.
My Dad was a smart guy. This same principle applies to Crossfit workouts. There are so many different movements and exercises in Crossfit that it’s hard to practice all of them during every class. So take my father’s advice and practice them when no one’s looking. So for example if you have trouble stringing double unders together consult a coach on how to do them properly get a rope and do 30-50 each day on your own. I guarantee you’ll see improvement. This will make you better prepared for that particular movement when the time comes to perform them during a metcon. Practice makes perfect. So if you want to improve make sure to work hard when no one’s looking. And remember “If you do this you won’t have to worry about it on game day.
~Coach Joshua Murillo
Tuesday’s Benchmark
21-15-9 Reps for time of
Power Cleans (135/95)
Ring Dips
“Amanda” (to try this it must be done Rx’d. If you cannot do Amanda Rx’d do Elizabeth
9-7-5 Reps for time of
Muscle Ups
Squat Snatch (135/95)
Level 1 CrossFit: