Thursday – November 24 – Thanksgiving 2011

Thursday – November 24 – Thanksgiving 2011

I am thankful for so much. This list is in no particular order…except for the first one 😉

I’m thankful for a hard working and loving wife – I wouldn’t and can’t do this alone.

For our incredible Community of Volts and Vixens who entrust their training health & well being in our hands every day. This is an incredible honor and we strive every day to make you proud.

For every new member that has the courage to call email or come by our box try out what it is we do and take the first step to change their lives. We’ll be there with you every step of the way…sometimes pushing you sometimes pulling you but we’re in this together.

For our incredible coaching staff who continue to push their fitness and knowledge train hard believe in our future and run training sessions that I still love to take and still continue to learn in. We are all so fortunate to have you on our team and to lead our Community.

For my Dad for believing in me and giving me the guidance to get started.

For my Mom for still pushing herself at 60 years old and showing me that we always have more to accomplish.

For the kids I started training on my driveway 4 years ago. I had no idea a few private lessons and gold medals would turn into this but I am thankful every day for them and their families believing in me and all the success they continue to have.

For John Burch for helping us run our gym better and not settle for being anything less than what we are capable of and for all my Biz Mentoring peeps that help hold me to the highest standard. I hope I do the same for each of you.

For Johnny DiGregorio of CF Pasadena & Zareh Amerian of CF 818 for our lunches that are equal parts awesome and planning the future. It’s an amazing thing having great friends who run awesome affiliates and have my back.

For Antony Graf of CrossFit Threshold for telling me that I needed to open a gym immediately and that it wouldn’t matter if ‘I had to stand on the street corner and teach squats’ that I’d find a way to make this work. Thank you brother.

For Greg & Adele walking into our gym on Friday January 9 2009 and asking when classes are…we didn’t know what to say so we replied Monday Jan 12.

For our gym fire breathers who inspire me to push myself who keep my training consistent and accountable and help push me into the best shape of my life.

For Carmen who comes in every night and makes our gym clean from the crazy things we did that day and ready for the next day of hard training. I doubt she reads this site but it needs to be said.

For my first coach Tim Ghormley from Stanford who believed in me over 15 years ago.

For my coach Scott Fujii for helping me understand early on the principles and benefits of properly designed strength & conditioning and giving me a foundation of knowledge to build upon.

For every athlete that we’ve helped reach their goals. You inspire me every day to learn more and be a better coach. For every athlete that I wasn’t able to help reach their goals you also inspire me every day to learn more and be a better coach.

For our Instructor Training Program. I am so excited to see each of you become leaders in our Community and for when I can finally unleash them in our classes. Watch out!

Finally I am thankful the future. None of us knows what it holds but I’m hoping it involves many more years of helping people get fit get people fit for the rest of their life and continuing to have a ton of fun doing it.

Thank you all for helping make my dreams come true.

Thankful for how all of this started over 30 years ago.

Thursday’s Training: 

Rest relax recharge. Take some extra time with your family and friends. It might be tough but it’s worth it.

Gym-wide WOD on Friday. 12:30. It should pretty much undo any damage that happens on Thursday. So go ahead get an extra helping of tryptophan. You’ve earned it.