Thursday – December 1 – Planning for Success

Thursday – December 1 – Planning for Success

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December is here…it’s the last month of the year and we really couldn’t be more proud of everyone’s growth both fitness wise and personally this year. But the end of the year also brings with it lots of parties traveling and chaos. You want to stay consistent in your training but what do you do when there’s just so much going on?

It’s unrealistic to say you’re not going to have a second helping at a big dinner or indulge in dessert around the holidays but one thing you can do is begin to make better choices about what you eat and indulge in. Plan to allow yourself a certain amount of cheat days (aka reward days) over the holiday season. If you have 7 reward meals you can dish them out as you see fit. But once you reach that number you’ve got to play by the rules you set up and have anymore. This year I’m allowing myself Thanksgiving Christmas Day (and most likely the day after) and New Years Eve or New Years Day (depending on my training).

Make a plan and stick to it and it’s a good thing to have a realistic plan with a safety net. We all know the old saying that nobody ever plans to fail they fail to plan. So pick out those few days enjoy them with family and friends without the guilt remember you planned this! Then get back to the normal regiment. This should serve your mind and body well and keep you on track for more amazing results.

-Coach Josh B.

Airport Burpees by Vani! Nothing’s going to stop her from reaching her goals not even the funny looks in the background!

Thursday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit

A. Muscle Up Progressions
-then do a 90 second contest to see how many reps you can do at your level of progression. i.e. if they’re at belly button to bar pull ups you have 90 seconds to do AMRAP same for muscle ups etc.

B. Sectional WOD #1 from 2011 Open
10 minute AMRAP
30x Double Unders
15x Snatch (75/55)
Compare to score in April

Level 1 CrossFit:

Skill: Overhead Squat & double Under technique

WOD: 10 minute AMRAP

10x Overhead Squats

50x jump rope passes

-Finish with tabata sit ups