Wednesday – December 7 – Getting Strong!

Wednesday – December 7 – Getting Strong!

I love getting people strong. I love learning about programming that helps people get fast and strong. I really love seeing the effects that good program design has on people’s ability in nearly every task they can perform.

Sure this is true for many skills but with strength it is especially so. You can’t come in and get really strong in a few sessions or even a few months. All of our 10 components of fitness are important and gains in one with a decrease in any other is unacceptable. But to perform a heavy lift – a heavy lift performed properly over and over again- whether it’s a fast lift like a clean or snatch or a slow lift like a deadlift -while still increasing your stamina flexibility and coordination takes proper planning & program design detailed coaching and most importantly you – the committed athlete.

Strength gains take the longest to make…but they also stay with you the longest. That’s part of why we all get so excited when we see you getting stronger. When we see a Volt or Vixen put up a huge PR that tells us our entire Community is doing something right.

It also means that those push ups well they’ll be just a bit easier. Those wall balls they’ll go just a bit higher now. Those box jumps they’ll be a little more explosive…and those double unders…well double unders are a different story.

Remember – technique then consistency with that technique then intensity. You can’t be fit if you’re not strong.

Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general” ~ Mark Rippetoe

Pop-Tart with an over 30# PR at 255…and still tried to look away when I took the photo…it’s ok Alex seemed happy (and got a 30+ plus PR as well)

Rob has been training very consistently and diligently…and it pays off with a HUGE PR!!

Allen locking out 545#…he was one of 4 guys that pulled over 500# today! Yeah Buddy!

Rachelle is getting some great form…and also got a great new PR!

There’s way too many PR’s to post photos of everyone…for more photos check out our Facebook profile! 

Wednesday’s Training: 

All Levels Classes: 

This is going to hurt…in a different way

3 minutes on 3 minutes off. Then rotate.

1-L-sit = for max seconds – cumulative (1 pt for each second. Break as often as needed)
2-Push Ups = 1pt for each rep (upscale to ring/parallette push ups)
3-10 meter shuttle run – 1 pt for every 10 meters
4-Front Leaning Rest on rings (sub plank hold) – score just as L-Sit
5-Rowing (for calories)
Level 1 CrossFit
Skill: Rowing Technique
WOD: 3 minutes on 3 minutes off. Then rotate.
1. L-Sit or Tuck hold – max seconds
2. Push Ups
3. 10 meter shuttle runs
4. Plank Hold (or FLR)
5. Rowing for calories