Thursday – December 8 – Guest Days!

Thursday – December 8 – Guest Days!

It’s here…our long awaited “Guest Days!” We’ve been so excited by how many of you are bringing your family and friends to check out the awesome training and Community we experience each day at High Voltage.

  • Please come 10 minutes early so they can fill out our waiver and you can give them a quick tour of our facility. Take a minute and show them one of your cool CrossFit tricks.
  • The coaches will be ready to introduce themselves to guests you’re bringing so don’t be shy and hide in the corner. We want to meet the people that you think can benefit from our training and Community. Also introduce yourself to everyone else’s friends as well. Remember it was done for you when you started so be sure and pass it on!
  • You will be their ‘CrossFit Ambassador’ during your training session. We’ll be coaching the entire class but you’ll be there with your buddy to give a little extra help. It’s not only more fun this way but a great way to remember how far you’ve come in your CrossFit training. Trust me even your average day will impress them.
How could you not want to be friends with these people?

Thursday – Partner WOD
15 Minute AMRAP

Teams of 2 – 1 person holding a bumper plate (weight is dependent on each groups’ ability) the other person works. All movements will be able to be downscaled or upscaled depending on each team’s ability.

“Don’t Drop the Baby”

20 pull ups

30 burpees

40 sit ups

50 squats