Friday – December 9

Friday – December 9

Guest days was a HIT!!! Thank you to all of our friends who brought their friends!

We’re keeping Guest Days going for today (Friday) and Saturday at the 9am & 10am classes. We’d love to see even more of your friends & family there.

One of our members sent us a message about Guest Days :
“What an unbelievable night. I saw on high display everything I love about CrossFit and our community. More determination teamwork grit and personal accountability than I ever could have imagined. The energy at High Voltage was truly electric tonight. This is a smile I won’t be wiping off my face for quite some time!”

Now wouldn’t you like to inspire and be inspired by your friends like that?

-This Saturday our Competition Team will be at the final Next Level Invitational Series Competition for 2011. Come out to the OC Fairgrounds and cheer on Lindsay Brooke Coach Simon Steven Coach Josh B Coach Stefan and Coach Tim!

See you all Friday!!!

Friday’s WOD: 

“Tim’s Surprise”

Come in and see what awesomeness we’ve got cooked up for you and your buddies!