Friday – December 16 – Learn & Improve

Friday – December 16 – Learn & Improve

“Learn and Improve”

‘Learn to accept defeat.’ I’ve heard people say this before as a way to soften the blow of not immediately attaining a goal but this is a phrase that I’ve just never agreed with. That doesn’t mean that we should expect to win every time but it confuses the outcome with the journey. You should learn FROM the moments that don’t go how we had planned them. If you can’t to do a lift properly or at the weight you wanted or a difficult gymnastics movement leaves you tied up you don’t “accept” it and say ‘oh I guess that’s just how it is’. No you come in here train and improve. You do this over and over. You’re honest with yourself with where you’re at and are open to learn from those who can help you so that eventually it will become a victory.
A victory doesn’t always mean coming in first in a workout or in a personal record – small victories can be doing push-ups and getting your chest to the deck without ‘worming’ getting your first double under or finally getting full depth on an air squat.
Always striving to do a little bit better creates the landscape for these small victories. The small victories add up to big ones.

Coach Josh B.

We’d love to hear a time that your small victories added up to a big one in comments.

-High Voltage would like to give a big congrats to all of our Competition Team for completing the 2011 Fall Next Level Invitational Series. These 3 weekend competitions featured many of the region’s top CrossFit athletes many CF Games competitors & champions with over 100 CrossFit athletes in each division.
We don’t have everyone’s scores but so far the Series Results are:

-Lindsay – 5th place! (intermediate)
-Coach Josh B – 22nd place (advanced)
-Sarah – 11th place! (intermediate – and only did 2 of the 3 events!)
-Coach Tim – 20th place (advanced)

Great job gang! Thanks for repping High Voltage. Full Effort is Full Victory.

Friday’s Training:
All Level CrossFit:
A. 3 sets – 20 seconds: Modified Chu Lateral Plyometric Test
B. 5×5 Deadlift – Touch & Go – Clean Grip
C. 7min AMRAP – 1000 meter row with the remaining time perform AMRAP burpees. Score is burpees

Level 1 CrossFit:
A. 3 sets – 20 seconds: Lateral Hurdle Plyometric Test
B. Skill: Deadlift – Sets of 5 reps
C. 7min AMRAP – 1000 meter row with remaining time perform AMRAP burpees. Score is burpees.