Monday – December 19 – The Best Member Benefits for Our Volts & Vixens!

Monday – December 19 – The Best Member Benefits for Our Volts & Vixens!

-2011 has been an AMAZING year!

But just like your fitness the only way we can get better is to step up our game…
Now we’re Stepping Up Our Game
BIG TIME to make
“2012 the Fittest Year Ever!”
We’ve been working just as hard as we WOD to improve everyone’s experience at our gym and continue to provide the best coaching program design progressions and Community anywhere.
So without further adeu we are very excited to announce the next set of member benefits & programs to our High Voltage Community.
A Personal Roster Coach! 


Every member of High Voltage will now have their personal roster coach from our Coaching staff. This coach will be your point person for nutrition check-ins workout progress checks goal setting and for any other questions you might have.

Every single coach at our gym is still responsible for every single member at this gym. But…your Roster Coach is an additional layer of service and will be your ongoing point of contact with any question you might have. We could not be more excited to provide this additional level of utility and accountability to each of you!

Stay tuned for an email within the next few weeks from your Personal Roster Coach with detailed instructions on this exciting new member benefit and how it’s going to help make 2012 your Fittest Year Ever!


All Inclusive Online WOD Tracker!
 HIgh Voltage Holiday Gifts!
It turns out that an abacus is so 2008 BC.
Every member of High Voltage is receiving a membership to Beyond the Whiteboard – the world’s largest CrossFit workout nutrition & wellness tracking website!
With your membership to Beyond the Whiteboard you can keep track of every change you’re making in your fitness journey – from the daily training we do at the box to your goals an online nutrition log to the type of Omega-3 Oils you take the type of shoes you wore and how much sleep you’re getting. This site has got everything!
Best of all the tab will be picked up by the High Voltage as part of your regular membership.
Stay tuned for log-in instructions from your Personal Roster Coach.
Even More Classes!!!

More Classes
We didn’t know if it could be done…so we decided to push ourselves to the limit to help you make 2012 The Fittest Year Ever!
Starting Monday January 2 we’ll have 5 hours of evening classes! We’ll be running our evening classes a half hour earlier and staying open a half hour later to accommodate our ever growing Community!
We’ve had many requests to have our training sessions start on the half hour at night as many people get off work at the top of the hour and need the time to get over to the box. This also will give us 5 training sessions every night…and up to 9 training sessions every day plus our Open Gym Hours!!!

Our evening schedule Monday through Thursday nights will be –

  • 4:30pm 5:30pm 6:30pm (Level 1) 7:30pm and 8:30pm (no 8:30pm on Thursday night yet)
Our Friday night schedule is expanding too!
  • 4:30pm 5:30pm & 6:30pm (Level 1)

Wait…we’re adding more classes on Sunday too!We’ve developed 2 brand new classes

that you will only find at High Voltage:
  • Sundays at 10am will be “The Long WOD”. Expect a long sweaty workout to help shed extra weight lean up from the Holidays and get ready for the beach.
  • Sundays at 11am will be our new “High Voltage Strength” class. This will be a strength based class for everyone who just can’t get enough of the barbell Olympic weightlifting powerlifting and the best strength training methods around.
  • Thursdays at 4:30pm will be our first ‘Advanced’ class (Level 3). Stay tuned for entry requirements to this awesome &challenging class!



thumbs up

That’s right check underneath your seat and….you’ve got an upgrade and you’ve got an upgrade…

Everyone’s High Voltage membership is getting upgraded! That means that regardless of if you come 1x 2x per week or every day your High Voltage membership will now also include:

  • Personal Roster Coach
  • Office hours & phone & email check-ins
  • Quarterly Progress Checks and Quarterly baseline workout Check-ins
  • Private Skill Sessions now are included in your membership (the quantity & frequency is based on how many sessions you come per week)
  • Quarterly Goal Setting Sessions & follow up
  • Nutritional Check Ins & Planning
Stay tuned for an email from your Personal Roster Coach with full details on all the great things that are coming your way in 2012 at High Voltage!

Oh and one more thing…

We’re planning the Baddest Nutritional Challenge Ever in the latter part of January 2012. Epic doesn’t even begin to describe it.
Hold on tight because we’ve upped our game again!
2012 is really going to be The Fittest Year Ever!

Monday’s Training: 

All Levels CrossFit: 

A1. Back Squat
A2. AMRAP ring dips – 20 seconds x 3 sets (score is total reps)

B. Take 67% of today’s back squat and do AMRAP squats – rest under bar as needed – set may take 2-3 minutes.

C. 1 min on rest 1 min  -1x through – goal is to try and work the entire minute and not game it!
– Push ups (upscale to ring push ups)
– Toes 2 bar
– Dumbbell push press
– Sit ups
– Double unders

Level 1 CrossFit: 

Skill – Back Squat

Sets of 5 reps

WOD: 2 rounds 1 minute per station 1 minute rotation:

– Push ups
– Toes 2 bar
– Dumbbell push press
– Sit ups
– Double unders