Thursday – December 22 – New Year, New Goals

Thursday – December 22 – New Year, New Goals

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New Year New Goal

As 2011 quickly comes to a close it’s a good time to look back and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. It’s also the time to start setting new goals for the new year. You’ve got to give yourself an honest assessment of the things you did really well (and don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back) and the things that didn’t turn out how you wanted (you’ve also got to  do a bit of finger pointing at yourself – harder than it seems!).
Step 1:  Putting the pen to paper and then placing it where you can see it every single day.
Step 2:  Come up with a realistic plan to achieve to your goals. Everyone has goals but the people that reach them are the ones that come up with a game plan to get there. Otherwise they’re just dreams. Nothing wrong with dreams but they aren’t the same as goals. If you don’t know how you’ll get there ask one of the coaches for help.
Step 3: Do everything you can to carry out step 2 to the best of your abilities. When you think you’re done repeat step 3.
A couple of my goals this for 2012 is to snatch my bodyweight which I’m hoping to do by March and increase my overall work capacity and ability in body weight movements. Rather than just continually attempting to snatch my own bodyweight and hope for a miracle my first step was asking Tim to map out the steps it will take so I can become efficient enough to increase my snatch. He helped me come up with a game plan – we diagnosed the parts of my lift that are good the parts that need more fixing and set up a realistic schedule to achieve my goals. Now it’s up to me to execute.
Set your goals set your plan set yourself up for success. 2012 really is going to be ‘The Fittest Year Ever’
-Coach Josh B.
Fun times today with Again Faster CrossFit HQ and our Firebreathers at 11am on a Wednesday…
I cannot say how proud I am of these guys – they push each other hard every day in training they lead our Community by their great example & work ethic they don’t let each other settle for anything less their what they are capable of they are always humble to coach learn & share and of course…ready for anything!
Now if we can just answer one question…
Bigger arms? Stefan or Josh. Sound off in comments!
Thursday’s Training: 
All Levels CrossFit: 
 A1. Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 – rest 20 sec
A2. L-Sit : 30 seconds cumulative -rest 90 sec
B. In 15 minutes complete AMRAP of-
max set of hspu or ring push ups or regular push ups
400m run
Rest 90 seconds after each set – score is total reps & total time. (you must rest 90 sec)
Level 1 CrossFit:
Skill: Push Press
WOD: 15 Minute AMRAP
Max Set Push Ups + 400 Meter Run – Score is total reps & runs completed
For time – Perform 400 walking lunges (yes this is going to hurt)

Back knee kisses the ground on every rep – full extension of both hips at the top.

Scale this down to 300 reps 200 reps or 100 reps.