Friday – December 23 – A Little Rest

Friday – December 23 – A Little Rest

  • Regular Schedule today (Friday) – Closed Saturday & Sunday
  • 12:30pm Gym-Wide WOD on Monday Dec 26 (the 13 Days of Christmas WOD!)
  • Regular schedule Tuesday – Friday – Closed Saturday Dec 31
  • 12:30pm Gym-Wide WOD on Sunday January 1 2012 – Mark your calendars and start off the New Year right!

When I lived at the Olympic Training Center it almost goes without saying that we trained A LOT! There were days upon days where it was train eat sleep train eat sleep train eat sleep. Regular visits to Sports Med usually got mixed in with eating or sleeping.

We were also really fortunate to have a world class Sport Psychology staff there who regularly held clinics (during lunch of course) on how to maximize our performance. We were always looking for every little edge we could find as that could easily be the difference between Gold and Silver.

One lunch clinic still stands out to me in particular maybe because the monotony of my hyper periodized training routine was getting the best of me. The presenter had a method called ‘2 Minutes to Dominate’. Her concept was that with all the training we did by thinking we were going 100% all the time was not only physiologically unrealistic it was mentally unrealistic as well. Our good intentions actually left us training at about 80% and unsure about how we were going to perform on game day.

Luckily she didn’t just bring us into a room to tell us bad news she had a great plan – one that I still use today. To use the ‘2 minutes to Dominate’ concept it was explained that you didn’t have to tell anyone you didn’t have to make a big deal…you just tried to really turn it on and step up your game for well 2 minutes or so then go back to the regular really really really really hard pace you were at.

When you really dig in deep like this you will immediately recognize it’s a pace that you could not handle for hours let alone years of training at that specific intensity. It’s that feeling when you really understand that no matter what you’re not going to let off the gas. It’s a great place to be and it’s hard to stay at.

Every few days I would would make sure a difficult practice now had a small yet important peak to it. Every month or so I’d pick a little longer to really see what I could do. From the accumulation of increased intensity it became much easier to flip that mental switch during important competitions.

This concept is just as important in CrossFit as there are going to be peaks in your training whether you plan for them or not. There’s going to be days where you’ve just got to get the work done and ‘check the box’. And there’s going to be days where no one can stop you. Maximizing the space where you feel no one can stop you not even yourself is a big concept behind a well designed training plan – especially when it involves constant variance. Your rest this weekend your extra time you spend with family and loved ones know that this is also part of your training. By decompressing it’s going to help you bring the heat when the time is right.

Enjoy your rest Saturday & Sunday you’ve earned it.

-Coach Tim

Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday’s Training:

A1. Front squat – work up to a heavy 2 rep  max- rest 20 seconds after each set before A2.
A2. 5x Difficult Box Jump – rest 90 seconds

B. Strict Press- Work up to a heavy 2 rep

C. 8 min total for max reps
2 min toes to bar
2 min KBS (heavy)
2 min burpees
2 min double unders

Holiday Travel WOD #3 from the Holiday Resource Guide (Click Here):  

The Burpee Ladder!

With a running clock perform 1 burpee the first minute 2 burpees the second minute…until you cannot perform the prescribed amount of burpees in a minute.

To scale this – Take every other minute off.