Tuesday – December 27 – Why we do this!

Tuesday – December 27 – Why we do this!

Regular schedule today – Friday
Closed Saturday (NYE)
12:30 gym-wide WOD on Sunday – New Years Day!

New schedule starts Monday Jan 2…2012!

Why we do this! ~

It has been such a rewarding experience to watch the High Voltage community grow and develop over the course of this year; not just in the obvious areas like strength and skill but the growth in your mental and emotional approach to training and lifestyle was especially inspiring to see.

I am constantly reminded why I enjoy coaching and why I love being a part of the High Voltage team I am exactly where I want to be and doing exactly what I want to do. I am fortunate to be able to wake up and spend my day assisting people in transforming their lives. I am thankful for the amazing coaches that surround me and most especially I am thankful to High Voltage for providing the arena for me to do this.

-Coach Tyler

If you missed Monday’s post Christmas Massacre ‘The 13 Days of Christmas’ from Coach Tyler…don’t worry…New Years Day at 12:30pm is going to be  unforgettable!!!

During my ‘rest time’ I finally got a chance to workout with my mom at her CrossFit gym in Fresno CrossFit Combat Fitness. We had a great time sweating together and it was a great reminder of why we CrossFit…because it’s FUN! It’s fun it brings people together and during the workout everyone is able to understand everyone. There’s no hiding and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with where you are at on your level of progressions.

This is why I CrossFit. Because I can have a great time sweating with my best friend training partners people I’ve just met…with my wife my Mom (and sometime soon my Dad & sister Becky…and my little sister Indigo is finally jumping in…) and to help people reach their true full potential. When you CrossFit you’re on an even playing field of understanding with anyone else you meet in our gym. If you have an advanced skill you can remember how difficult it was to achieve it – all the sweat and dedication it took. If you’re working on one you can be inspired by the people around you who are sharing their knowledge.

We all help our community become stronger fitter and healthier…

It’s about Community Accountability and Loyalty.

If you’re ready to take your health fitness and lifestyle to the next level and finally get the results you deserve drop us a line.

We’d love to help you.



Tuesday’s Training

A1. 5×5 back squat- rest 30 sec
A2. 30 sec AMRAP hspu  – rest 60-90  sec (L1 push ups)

10 min AMRAP of
‘Cindy’ or ‘Mary’