Wednesday – December 28 – Determination

Wednesday – December 28 – Determination

  • Today is day 44 of our 60 Day ‘Holiday Rep-A-Day Challenge’. It’s starting to get tougher…especially if you miss a day! Stay consistent. Haven’t gotten on board yet? What are you waiting for!

Determination ~

A little determination can go a long way. I learned this valuable lesson once again when Again Faster came to the box to film Tim Tyler Robb Steven Stefan and myself for the WOD of 10 muscle-ups 100 push-press and 1k row.
Just like most of you when I first hear a workout description I start to look for the parts that I can do well and think about the parts that may be a WOD road block for me. I knew that the toughest part for me was going to be the muscle-ups. I’ve been practicing them and through our progressions I’ve seen a bunch of improvement…but I am still not where I’d like to be.
I had a little pep talk with myself – and if you’ve don’t do this before you hear the 3..2..1..GO I recommend you to try it. Positive self talk is HUGE! I first told myself not to get discouraged no matter what happens. I then set a plan to not be the last off the rings…but like so many other things in life it doesn’t always go to plan.
I was the last one to transition from muscle ups to the push press…and not by a couple seconds but closer to a couple minutes. Again we all have experienced this part in the workout and it can be hard on the ego. I quickly told myself not to be discouraged put the part of the workout behind me that was well behind me and then to attack the push-press. It was the next thing up and you can only control the reps right in front of you.
I set a new plan to not to stop until at least 50 reps but those push press started to really burn! I really wanted to stop at about 35-40 but I remembered what I told myself and I continued to 50. I finished up the other 50 reps in short sets and I got over to the rower and started pulling has hard as I could. The end result – I finished third from last. But I felt like this workout was a victory for me. I was determined not to let my negative thought process hold me back and keep me from doing my best and those are some of the gains that you can’t quite quantify yet they’re just as real as a ‘Personal Record’ or finishing first.
Some days everything goes your way…in a workout at work wherever. Those days are fun. But it’s those days when you feel like you’re doing your workout in the mud that you’ve really got to dig deep get real with yourself and step up and do the next rep.
 “The Greatest Adaptation to CrossFit Takes Place Between The Ears!” – Coach Glassman – CrossFit founder
-Coach Josh B.

Our video on Muscle Up Progressions is getting some love around the net! Thank you all for being awesome Volts & Vixens and always paying attention the your current level of progression. They are designed to help you achieve Big Things!

Wednesday’s Training

A1. Push jerk (Level 1- push press)
A2. Muscle up transitions (Level 1 – Kipping pull ups)
Sets of 5 reps ADAP for their progression level

21181512963 reps for time:
KBS – heavy
sit ups

Finisher – max effort L-sit

Holiday Travel WOD: 

Run for 10 minutes…then turn around and head home (or to the hotel)

Scale – run out for 5 minutes (or walk)