Thursday – December 29 – Callus Kits!

Thursday – December 29 – Callus Kits!

  • Happy 40th Anniversary to my parents! You each owe me 40 burpees 🙂 Oh and that’s in addition to the 45 reps they owe today for the Rep-A-Day Challenge…

And now…Presenting the High Voltage Callus Kit!

We put this kit together to help our hard working Community manage to keep their hands as fresh as their workouts…you know those ‘beautiful’ hands you use to ever increasingly manipulate the physical world around you.

This kit is designed to help you keep your hands healthy while keeping your skin where it belongs – on your hands!

Proper hand care will keep you training longer and harder and with less concern for the dreaded ‘tear’. Take this extra step in managing your fitness and believe us your boyfriend girlfriend husband or wife and PR’s will appreciate it!

The High Voltage Callus Kit includes:

  • A washable/Disinfectable multi-grade callus minimizer; This is used to reduce the height of your calluses – one of the leading causes of a tear is a large build up of callus.
  • 1 roll of our ‘Battle Tested’ gymnastic tape; used to make gymnastic straps to protect sensitive close-to-tearing calluses.
  • 1 ‘Climb On!’ intensive skin repair lotion bar; highly popular among rock climbers for it’s ability to keep the skin on your hand healthy and resilient to wear and tear
  • A pair of ‘medium blade’ cuticle clippers; just in case the dreaded tear does occur these are ideal to help manage the healing process
  • 1 totally awesome brand new CrossFit High Voltage sticker! Put this badge of honor anywhere to represent your dedication to a fitter healthier lifestyle!
  • To top it all off we have a super convenient carrying bag – perfect for keeping all these important tools in one place for storage in your trunk home or even gym bag!
  • Pick one up at the box for just $19
Max set of Pull Ups into Max Rep KB swings into Bear Complex? Yeah we’ve got you covered!

Thursday’s Training: 

A. Speed & Agility Drills

B. 500m row test

C.7 rounds for time
10 burpees
25 double unders

Finisher – 2 min max effort double unders