Friday – January 6

Friday – January 6

Don’t forget our new extended Friday night schedule:

4:30pm – All Levels/ 5:30pm – All Levels/ 6:30pm – Level 1 CrossFit

Saturday – 9am Level 1/10am All Levels/11am Basic Barbell Class

And finally our new Sunday schedule featuring 2 brand new High Voltage classes

10am – ‘The Long WOD’ – A long sweaty WOD guaranteed to erase the guilt of any bad choices you’ve made during the week.

11am – “High Voltage Strength” – Need another round of going heavy? This is the spot for you!

Yeah we’ll get you Fit…some of the survivors from our first ever Advanced Class. Great training great energy even greater people. For those that passed the ‘Trial by Fire’ WOD this is a HUGE accomplishment and we’ll see you next Thursday at 4:30pm. Remember you’ve just got to pass this WOD 1 time…and that’s probably all you’ll ever want to pass it.

Friday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit:

“Unbroken 2.0”

7 rounds for time: Scale as needed with your Coach

4x Hand Stand Push Ups (scale to abmat HSPU ring push ups push ups knee push ups)
5x Squat Cleans (155/105) scale weight then to either power clean or hang squat clean
6x Pull Ups (Chest to Bar for guys chin over bar women) – sub to ring rows
7x KB Swings (70/53) scale weight
25 minute Cap.
The WOD is meant to have each movement performed unbroken.
5 burpee penalty on the spot for each break.
Level 1 CrossFit:
Skill: KB Swing & Kipping Pull Ups
20 Minute AMRAP
4x Burpee
5x Goblet Squat
6x Pull Up
7x KB Swing