Monday – January 9 – ‘Refine Your Fuel’

Monday – January 9 – ‘Refine Your Fuel’

It’s finally here…over the next few days we’ll be dropping the ‘tails (you may know them as the deets) to our Biggest Nutritional Challenge EVER! Read up and Get in the Game!

-Whether you’ve been training with us for one week or one year you haven’t tapped into your full potential until you fine-tune your diet. After months of analysis and performance assessments we have created an effective full service nutritional program designed to help you maximize the other 23 hours of your day. We’re going to show you how with commitment and focus in just 30 days we can help make 2012 your Fittest Year Ever.

We are very proud to present the

High Voltage ‘Refine Your Fuel’ Nutritional Challenge!

   Starting January 22 2012 our goal oriented 30-Day ‘Refine Your Fuel’ Nutritional Challenge will teach all participants (aka Challengers) the proven steps to dial in your diet create additional positive layers to your healthy lifestyle choices and unleash your full fitness potential & happiness.

‘Refining Your Fuel’ means having the ability to cook to compliment your WOD’s and daily energy output to help create meals specifically for muscular or performance recovery to reduce inflammation and keep you in the game longer & better than ever.

We have teamed up with Paleo Plan to design this challenge. Each participant will receive our new 130-page eBook with 6 weeks of detailed meal plans to help spice up your current meals or set the proper foundation for ongoing success. Our focused 30-Day challenge is also designed to lead up to our ‘Fittest in Burbank’ Challenge and the CrossFit Games Open Sectional. All levels & abilities of Volts & Vixens will benefit from this!

The 30 Day ‘Refine Your Fuel’ Challenge will include:

  • Accountability Checks Online Tracking and Point system to measure progress
  • Before & After Body Composition Testing and before & after pictures
  • 130 page Paleo & Nutritional eBook
  • 6 weeks of detailed daily meal plans & weekly recipe challenges
  • Individual Consultations & diet guidance with High Voltage coaches
  • Weekly and Overall Cash & Prizes for top Volts & Vixen
  • Optional Paleo Cooking Classes & Lecture/ Paleo kick off BBQ

    The ‘Refine Your Fuel’ Nutritional Challenge is the perfect time to drop the bad food choices and educate yourself on how to live longer healthier and look better naked. It is a time for a renewed focus on health eliminating bad habits and giving you the tools to create good ones.

   Remember this is a challenge…we are challenging each of you to live a healthier lifestyle for 30 days….we are challenging you to be more accountable. We will be educating you and providing you the tools needed to make these healthier lifestyle changes permanent. You will even be given the opportunity to get some great Paleo cooking lessons from two fantastic chefs to add some zest to your Paleo meals. You can commit for 30 days. Accept this challenge and you can change your life.

We are excited to embark on this journey with you and look forward to seeing every improvement you make in your WOD’s physique and so many other areas in your life. So enjoy that last unbalanced boring carb-loaded meal – and commit to Refining Your Fuel!

-The early registration price is just $40 – sign up is next to the WOD board. Do you accept the challenge???

Setrak & Edgar getting their swoll on during the first High Voltage Strength class…

While the survivors of the very first ‘The Long WOD’ training try to stay as coherent as they are jacked after a 45 minute slugfest of the Hero WOD ‘Whitten’.

Monday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit 

A. Back Squat 40×0 (what does this mean? Come in and find out!)

B. 1 min AMRAP – rest 1 minute after each – Score is total reps combined

-Pull Ups

-DB Thruster

-Toes to Bar

C. 21-15-9 Reps for time of

DB Thruster


Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Tempo Back Squat


5x Burpee

7x DB Thruster

9x Sit Ups