Tuesday – January 10

Tuesday – January 10

  • Guest Days 2.0 are coming up this Thursday through Saturday. Bring a friend or 2 and help them start off the year as awesome as you are!
  • We’ve already passed the $1000 mark for total cash and prizes for our ‘Refine Your Fuel’ Nutritional Challenge. We’ve teamed up with local businesses to give out some awesome prizes for your hard work and of course a share of the pot! The more people that participate the bigger the amount of prizes. We’ll be dropping the details on the various prizes soon and we”ll be having different winners each week…but remember – you’ve got to be a part of the Challenge to win – and everyone can take part and benefit from this great way to start the year. For full details click here.

 Mobility…it’s fantastic!


Recently we’ve been programmed a few workouts that either take a long time or require you to perform difficult tasks efficiently without breaking sets. These workouts have been a constant reminder to focus on how we approach each obstacle put in front of us. Having a plan can mean the difference between success and failure in any situation. So it’s a good idea to plan out how you’re going to tackle each WOD.
A common misconception about Crossfit is that every workout needs to be performed at full throttle. This isn’t necessarily true although it’s easy to understand why there is some confusion here. Every Crossfit workout is undoubtably intense in the traditional sense of the word. However there are differences in the type of exertion when we are pressed with in different workouts.
Sometimes intentionally breaking up your sets or taking breaks in between movements are necessary in order to achieve good times and scores. This mostly applies to chipper workouts and high repetition workouts as opposed to short sprints such as “Fran”. It makes sense when comparing these types of workouts to achieving peak scores in running. For best times you want to SPRINT a 400m run and RUN a 5 mile run. This doesn’t mean that one is more difficult than the other but the type of exertion and difficulty you feel is much different.
Make sure you plan out how you’re going to pace each workout. Doing so will not only improve your times but it’ll make you more aware of how your body performs.

Tuesday’s Training 

All Levels CrossFit

-Speed & Agility

A. 3x Row 350m then Max reps Hand Stand Push Ups (sub ring push ups sub regular push ups etc) – rest 3 min

20) B. 10 rounds for time

Deadlift x8 reps – Up & Down – should be unbroken each set (probably around 50% of 1RM or less
15x Push Ups

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Rowing

Row 350 meters then max reps push ups rest 3 minutes.

WOD: 10 Rounds for time

8x Deadlifts

10x Push Ups