Thursday – January 12 – We’re 3!!!

Thursday – January 12 – We’re 3!!!

  • Rep 60 of our 60 Day Rep A Day Holiday Challenge is TODAY! Congrats to everyone who completed this awesome Challenge.
  • Guest Days start today…bring a friend…or 2 to your training session today through Saturday!

-We’re 3!!!

For those of you who have been around the block with us for a little bit you’ve probably heard some version of how High Voltage came to be 3 years ago today. Because this did not start out with a business plan or a master plan there were lots of different things that had to come together for us to get where we are today. Every year I like to look back and reminisce a little bit…here’s our third installment.

Monday January 12 2009 at 7pm we held our very first CrossFit training session at my first gym. Before that we started off on my driveway. No mats just hard work.

-We got people results and finally got a space…a little one…Carly and I always called it ‘the little box that could’ to each other.

We got more people more results did a bunch of hard work made a bunch of friends…







We’ve had more fun along the way than I could ever begin to describe…and this is just the tip of the iceberg…it’s always been predicated on hard work…and it always will be.











We’ve met such amazing people…and we are honored to have each of you entrust your training health and fitness in our hands. I had no idea my life would lead me down this road but I cannot imagine not having the friends I’ve met and the Community I am so fortunate to be a part of.

Here’s to many more years good times PR’s and Yeah Buddy’s!