Tuesday – January 17 – What Does it Feel Like?

Tuesday – January 17 – What Does it Feel Like?

  • Great work on our first day of testing everyone! If you did Baseline and your 1 Rep Max Back Squat be sure and log onto your new account at www.beyondthewhiteboard.com and input your scores. We’ll have every part of our training & workouts up there every day for you to keep track.
  • If you weren’t in on Monday you’re still going to do Baseline & your 1 Rep Max Back Squat at your regular training session when you come in. That doesn’t mean you’ll be doing it twice (or every day…yikes) it just means that we are going to get these scores for everyone at some point this week – and a lot of other awesome tests too.
  • If you’re one of the many Ever Ready Volts & Vixens who has registered for the 30 Day ‘Refine Your Fuel’ Nutritional Challenge you will be receiving your eBook & meal plans from Paleo Plan today.
  • If you haven’t registered yet…you have until Sunday…but get a head start on cleaning out the fridge and setting yourself up for success.

What Does it Feel Like?

When a new member at High Voltage starts to learn new movements it is important to focus on what it “feels” like to do them correctly. Memorizing the feeling of CrossFit’s functional movements allows you to execute these unique skills without constantly concentrating on the individual points of performance.

It’s just like doing math. It is more important to know how to solve the equation than just blindly guessing and getting the right answer. Similarly it is more important to know how to recreate properly performed movements than just accidentally getting one right. So next time you’re practicing a difficult movement and you know you’re hitting all of your cues try to really focus on how it “felt” to do it right. The chances of you retaining that knowledge later on will be much higher.

Coach Joshua Murillo

Focus…it’s Nicolas’s other middle name.

Tuesday’s Testing: 

All Levels & Level 1 CrossFit Classes

A. 1 Rep Max Strict Press

B. 1 Rep Max Push Press

C. 2 Min Max Reps Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)

D. 1k Row Test