Friday – January 20

Friday – January 20

Last day of ‘testing week’ today. Everyone has done an incredible job of staying focused listening to your coaches’ advice and encouraging your fellow Volts & Vixens to give their best performances.

Our 30 Day Refine Your Fuel Challenge will start this Sunday…that means all sugar wheat and junk will stop at 11:59pm on Saturday night. We’re planning a 20 AMRAP of all the foods you may miss during the challenge on Saturday after Barbell.

But really this 30 day challenge isn’t designed around crashing and burning. Just like the rest of our CrossFit and fitness program we want to make these 30 days sustainable for the rest of your life. These 30 days are meant to be the catalyst for sustained healthy lifestyle choices. Eating a loaf of bread and spiking your insulin and cortisol levels once the 30 days are up completely misses the point.

We designed these 30 days to be in line with the rest of our program. Consistency is key. Getting healthier over time is the goal. Getting fitter through smart program design is the process – and it is done one step at a time.

And on that note do you want to know why Paleo alcohol is ok during this challenge (and the reasoning and amount for it  – but not beer)  – then check out this video by Robb Wolf.

-Even the experts understand that real lifestyle changes must be realistic and fit your life goals and essence (and that is a whole nother blog..).

But what you must do is do your intake with a Coach before Tuesday night. You must log in your workouts by midnight each day to You must stick to your prescribed meal plan. You are going to make it through these 30 days. Maybe you never have made it this long before…but now you have an entire Community behind you.

Complete rules will be emailed to each participant shortly – but just remember – these 30 days are designed to be another tool in your fitness game to a healthier fitter you.

Double unders…if you train them they will come…

Friday’s Testing

A. 1 Rep Max Deadlift

B. Max Rep Pull Ups (sub to ring rows)

C. 1 Mile Run for time (sub rowing as needed)