Monday – January 23 – Time to Refine!

Monday – January 23 – Time to Refine!

  • First things first…A HUGE Thank You to every who came out on Sunday for the ‘Push Ups for Pups’ fundraiser. We raised almost $2000 and helped a really great foundation – the Brittany Foundation. If you see Stefan around the gym tell him thank you for organizing this and doing all the heavy lifting (get it) on the event.
  • The Refine Your Fuel Nutritional Challenge is officially underway. We’ve had many of you do your initial intake already but if you have not had your weigh in goal session and personal consultation with a coach you must do this by Wednesday night at 9pm. Plan on coming 10-15 minutes early or staying after for about the same amount of time – and lets face it…no one leaves that quickly after one of our workouts anyways…

This is also a friendly reminder that points are scored for 100% paleo meals and logging any sweaty activity (as described in your eBook or private consultation with your Coach). Your first post must be completed by Monday night at 11:59pm for both Sunday and Monday. Your initial intake results (Baseline back squat 1 Rep Max weight and goals all must be input into by Monday night at 11:59pm). If for any reason you cannot do this please email your roster coach to set up an alternative method.

-Meals and activities must be recorded on Beyond the Whiteboard by 11:59pm of the same day for you to earn your points. Please be as specific and detailed as possible so we have no confusion about how many points to give you. Even if you don’t work out at High Voltage that day the challenge is about consistency ~ so you must do something every day. Burpees at home a run yoga…just stay active…and keep the results coming. Your daily nutrition & workout logging on BTWB includes using the sidebar and choosing how many hours you slept a night the amount of post workout protein you took the type of water you drank…be specific. This will help us give you better feedback on your performance and progress.

-Finally there have been some questions about the consumption caffeine and alcohol during the challenge. The objective of the challenge is to measure how certain foods and substances affect your body including alcohol and caffeine. Challenge yourself for 30 days and see how your body responds to the absence of both of these substances. If you are going to consume caffeine or alcohol try and limit it as much as possible and make sure its Paleo compliant: black coffee or a clear alcohol (NorCal Margarita’s anyone?). Our eBook goes over this but if you have further questions just ask any coach.

-We are so excited to get this challenge underway – we can’t wait to see the incredible transformations you all will have in your bodies and lives. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Roster Coach with any questions you have throughout this Challenge.

And in other news…have I mentioned we have the most talented members ever?


Big ups to Dizzle & Chico for making their dream & vision a reality. Big ups to everyone in our Community and in the larger CrossFit Community who came forward to help them make this happen.
When I watch this video it’s even more cool for me than maybe for most (and not just because everyone in our gym looks amazing). I am fortunate because people come to me with their dreams hopes and goals quite often and it reminds me of the start of this project. It’s my job to help steer people in the right directions give them all the tools I’ve acquired over the years and help set them up for ongoing success. Coming to someone with a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) can be vary scary and make you feel vulnerable and it’s not something I take lightly. When someone walks through our doors for the first time to do their first workout in this fitness program they’ve probably not heard too much about…that is a memorable experience for them. They usually don’t know how their life is going to change…they’re just ready for a change.

So to see the promo of the initial episode of the WOD Diaries webisode come to life…it reminds me of how the process always starts. The uncertainty of getting out of your comfort zone – the chance that you might fail at least in the short term – and the amazing feeling when your hard work finally pays off and you can look back over all the hard work you did the hard work that no one else was able to see or understand…and just smile to yourself and know that it was pretty awesome and you made that happen.

Belief in your BHAG and vision turns this

Into this –

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Monday’s Training 

All Levels 

A. Muscle Up Transitions

3 sets of 5 reps at your most difficult progression

-Chin Over Bar/Chest to Bar/Belly Button to Bar/Bar Muscle Up

-Chin to Rings/Chest to Rings/Belly Button to Rings/Ring Muscle Up – 5 Unbroken Muscle Ups – 5 strict unbroken Muscle Ups

B. Fight Gone Worse

3 Rounds for Max Reps

-Wall Ball (20/14#)

-Hang Power Clean (95/65)

-Box Jump (24/20)

-Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)

-Row (for calories)

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill – Push Press & Box Jump Technique

WOD: Fight Gone Bad

3 Rounds for Max Reps 1 minute per station 1 minute break after 5 stations

Three rounds of:
Wall-ball 20/14 – 10 ft target (Reps)
Sumo deadlift high-pull 75/55 pounds (Reps)
Box Jump 20″ box (Reps)
Push-press 75/55 pounds (Reps)
Row (Calories)