Thursday – January 26 – A Huge Award

Thursday – January 26 – A Huge Award

I’m not reallly sure where to start this post so I’ll just jump right in. I’ve never been good on a segway or in making segue’s.

High Voltage was named the 2011 ‘The Biz’ Affiliate of the Year. (WOW!)

The Biz is the top CrossFit affiliate consulting firm in the world. They have worked with over 600 CrossFit affiliates from all over the world currently have over 200 boxes currently under their guidance – there were over 100 affiliates on the web call today when we got the news. The analyze every aspect of a CrossFit affiliate.

And we…were…shocked.

I don’t want to do the whole ‘false modesty’ thing because I think that’s worse than immodesty…but needless to say Carly and I were caught off guard.

In addition to the essentials of having tons of happy healthy Volts and Vixens and having way too much fun every day at the gym they gave us some additional reasons for receiving this honor –

-Our overall gym infrastructure and future trajectory
-Our expertly instructed tiered level of classes (including beginner and advanced classes) and our progression based system of coaching
-Our awesome Instructor Training Program
-Our incredible competition team coming in 5th at Regionals
-Our fitness programming being appropriate for long term results and unlocking each individual’s overall health and fitness potential
-A clean well designed and welcoming facility where everyone is enabled to reach their fitness goals
-Our dedicated full time staff – Tyler Josh Murillo & Josh Boultinghouse
-Josh B’s 600# deadlift Tyler’s 264# snatch and Josh M’s 5:10 mile…ok I just threw those in there because I think they’re incredible…

I could go on and on. But the fact that really matters is that I am so proud of every Volt and Vixen…this is something each of you have helped earn – together – and you all should be proud representatives of our CrossFit Community. This doesn’t exist without you and it wouldn’t be any fun to do alone.

The biggest Thank You goes out to each of our Coaches – Tyler Bolt Murillo Tom Pnutz Brown Bear Simon and Jose. You are all world-class coaches who are also able to help each individual that walks through our doors and is ready to get fit. Thank you for believing in our vision and every time we take a chance to do something unique. Thank you for knowing we have something great…And thank you for putting in the hard work it takes to dream big dreams and make them a reality.

I’d also like to give a special thank you to Andy Petranek Michael Latch and Eric LeClair. These 3 individuals brought CrossFit to SoCal. I don’t think they get enough credit and they were all huge inspirations to me personally in starting High Voltage. I remember seeing their websites in 2007 and just being blown away. That feeling is still with me and I hope I’ve given back as much as they’ve given to me.

Finally I’d like to thank John Burch. Not many people know but he came to our gym at the perfect time and he ignited a fire in me that has spread through out our Community and I hope will never be put out. This post can’t do justice for all the help he’s given me so I won’t even start…another day and another time…

Thank you for believing in us. I could go on and on thanking each of you but the music is playing me off.








It’s not where you start…or even where you finish…

It’s the journey.

‘Satisfaction does not come with achievement but with effort.

Full effort is full victory.’ ~ Ghandi

Thursday’s Training

Easier day – after 4-5 days of changing your diet your body needs an adjustment day or 2. Take today and focus in on your technique and get each part of these sprints just right. For All Levels focus on pushing your lactate threshold on the row sprints into the OHS. Transition time is key. I’m trying out a unique formula today…lots of feedback would be great. I think you’ll ‘like’ it.
All Levels CrossFit

In 40 Minutes complete the following – rest 3 minutes after each set

Row 300 Meters rest 20 seconds
10x Overhead Squat (should be unbroken)

Level 1 CrossFit
Skill: Overhead Squat

WOD: In 30 Minutes complete to following – rest 3 minutes after each set
Row 300 Meters
10 Overhead Squat – arms must be straight bar staying over the mid-foot
Sub to Front squat/goblet squat

Advanced Class – Bring Your Oly Shoes and your running shoes…and your jump rope shoes if they make that yet…just be ready to get down!