Tuesday – January 31 – Sleep

Tuesday – January 31 – Sleep

Regular sleep!
Part of the benefit of ‘Refining Your Fuel’ is that it should help carry over to many other aspects in your life…and with as hard as we train getting enough sleep is necessary to let your body rest.
Set a time every night to try to be in bed with every light off (including the subtle ones belonging to electronic devices). Even if you aren’t falling asleep right away try to stick to that routine.
Eventually you will find your self falling asleep sooner and sleeping more deeply.
Your bodies are making the adjustment to a cleaner more healthier diet and a regular sleep schedule will not only aid this transition but make for a healthy habit after the 30 day challenge is over.
Train hard…sleep hard!
They’re HERE! Our sick custom plyo boxes brought to us courtesy of our incredible ITP’er ‘Monster’ Dan! Each box has 3 different sizes – 20″ (red top) 24″ (blue top) and 30″…Murdered out of course. We’ll also have them in a 12″/16″/20″ sized boxes…
Danny V approves! Wait…what? Box jumps in the training today…just could not see that coming!
Tuesday’s Training
All Levels CrossFit

A. Running – 800m run rest 1 minute 400 meter run – score is total time.

B. 2 min Shoulder to Overhead (out of rack) 115/75

rest 2 min.

2 min max reps box jumps

3x Through
1 min on per station rotate rest 1 min after each time throught (like FGB) – start at any station-
-Deadlift – no rx weight but base it off of 275/185 – or a weight they can get 10-15 reps a minute per round
-Double unders (1pt per 5 reps)

-Level 1 CrossFit:

Pre-WOD: 800 meter run (sub rowing)

Skill: Deadlift & double Unders

WOD: 1 min per station 3x through – rest 1 minute after a full cycle


-Toes 2 bar or sit ups

-Jump Rope (1 pt for every 10 reps)