Wednesday – February 1 – A Comeback Story

Wednesday – February 1 – A Comeback Story

~So the details are still missing from my memory about what happened.  The accident is being treated as a hit and run.  Since I don’t remember the accident the theory based on vehicle and other damage is that a car pinned me against a concrete wall on the 405 at speed I jumped or launched myself out of my bike when I saw the concrete wall at the exit ramp my bike flipped over the wall and I landed on the side of the road to be called in by someone else driving on the 405.
Final damage was brain trauma body bruising and three broken vertebrae.  This is after the doctors all thought I had more broken bones and was paralyzed upon first entering the ER.
The purpose of this wasn’t to rehash my trauma. It was to tell you how my training at CrossFit High Voltage limited my physical trauma and prevented the need for severe rehab.  With all the box jumps C’s and D’s pullups pushups and other skills and muscle development from my training the doctors said my physical conditioning had protected and prevented even more severe damage.  I got this same message from my rehab group.  After only two visits with me being up walking and talking they said there was nothing more they could do for me since I was beyond their expectations in terms of conditioning.
So the bottom line is that while CrossFit is challenge and pushes you everytime you do a WOD or learn a new skill I am a firm believer in what it has done for me in protecting me from possible worse harm and damage.  The doctors nurses and all health industry people were amazed at just my descriptions of the activity and said that it prevented more damage and shortened my recovery.
Chris Happel
-Tuesday night was Chris’s first night back at High Voltage. He did the training with the rest of the class…scaled for his current physical condition AND based on his current level of progression. I am amazed at Chris’s fortitude his excitement to get back in training and pick up where he left off on his goal list…and he’s going to accomplish this 1 rep at a time – just like every single person in every single training session every single day. There is no other way it  can be done.
I am constantly amazed by the strength and fortitude found everywhere in our Community. It takes a lot of strength to just come through our doors tell yourself that you are ready to make a serious change in your life and then begin to make the positive steps towards that. Most people get stuck on step 1 or step 2. You all haven’t. And you keep coming back. You know it’s going to be hard. You know it will somehow challenge you. But you keep coming back…1 rep at a time…just like Chris.

Pretty awesome video…

Wolfpack…you’re move!

Wednesday’s Training
All Levels CrossFit – 

A. Snatch complex 4 sets going up in weight until technique faults happen

– 3 Power Snatch 3 Behind Neck Push Press 3 Overhead Squat (aka my favorite Snatch complex in the world)
B. 3x 15 Overhead Squat – Who will be the next set of people to join the 15 rep Bodyweight Overhead Squat Club? Yup the club has a secret handshake and everything – you don’t know what the handshake is? Well have you done 15 reps @ bodyweight?

-If you’ve got 15 @bodyweight go for max reps – current gym record is 22.
C. Row 350m rest 3 min x 4 sets – Row hard then try to maintain the remaining 3 sets. Don’t game this. Push yourself.


Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Overhead Squat – sets of 5 reps for 10-12 minutes. Focus on straight arms and upright torso!

WOD: Row 300m rest 3-4 min x 4 sets. Focus is on fatigue repeatability and not falling off your initial set…but still row hard!

Finisher – Tabata Sit Ups