Friday – February 3

Friday – February 3

The results are in…and the week 1 winner is of our 30 Day ‘Refine Your Fuel’ Nutritional Challenge is….Allen Walker!

  • Allen wins 4 tickets to an upcoming Kings game!

We have been very impressed with how many of you are rocking this challenge and this was very very close…but for week 1 Alan rocked it the hardest.

Here’s a snapshot into Allen’s daily meals how clear he’s been about his diet (so we can give him the very best feedback and help him get his best results) and how consistent he’s been:

Wednesday January 25 –

Breakfast – western omelet – 09:00 AM

-100% paleo ingredients – organic tomato 1/2 organic onion organic green bell pepper pastured eggs ham w/ no nitrate or nitrite or preservatives or sugar organic spinach

Lunch – Gingery beef w/ broccoli – 3:00 PM

100% Paleo ingredients – organic grass-fed petite sirloin cooked in coconut oil organic ginger organic garlic lemon juice organic chicken broth organic broccoli florets organic carrots

Dinner – Spicy Pork chops & roasted asparagus – 08:44 PM

100% paleo ingredients – organic cayenne pepper almond flower 4 organic grass fed pork chops organic asparagus w/ e.v.o.o. sea salt and fresh ground pepper
The more detailed you are about your diet the better time each of our coaches will have in giving you feedback. The more information we have in your meals the better the results you are going to have from this Challenge.
We’re a little over 1/3 of the way done so almost everyone should be fairly well adjusted to the positive changes in your diet. Yes it can be hard at times. If it was easy then everyone would already have done it. Yes it can throw your schedule off sometimes. If you were already eating this well you wouldn’t have needed a gym wide challenge to help reinforce good eating habits and additional accountability.
Bottom line – we believe in you and we know you can do this. We know you can do this better than you ever have before…that’s why we’re here after all.
Stay tuned for your email from your Roster Coach with feedback on your diet and

Band Sprints!!!

  • Looking for some fun training this weekend? Don’t forget about our awesome weekend schedule!
  • Saturday 9am Level 1 Team WOD Saturday 10am All Levels Team WOD 11am Basic Barbell Strength Class
  • Sunday 10am ‘The Long WOD’ & 11am ‘High Voltage Strength’ classes – both are perfect to help reach your ‘Refine Your Fuel’ Challenge Goals!

Friday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit: 

A1. Front squat 2-2-2-2-2
A2. GHD Raises (not back extensions) x 8

B. 4×4 Strict Press

C. as many rounds in 7 min:
10 thrusters – 75#/55#
5 burpees

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Front Squat

Sets of 3 working up for 10 minutes

Strict Press – 4 sets of 4 reps

WOD: 7 minute AMRAP

10 front squat (barbell or goblet)

5 burpees