Monday – February 6

Monday – February 6

Monday is here. Today will be what you are ready to make of it. Can today be the day you are ready to take another step towards your goals another step towards your future – another step towards the things you know you are capable of but have been limited in achieving?

Step up. Take control. Take another step towards what you know you can become.


Coach Jose stepped up at the NLI Competition on Saturday and got 37 Overhead Squats in 2 minutes and represented our entire Community. How many are you going to get today?

Monday’s Training 

All Levels CrossFit

15) A1. Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5
A2. Alternating Sets – 20 second AMRAP of
2. Ring Dips
3. Clapping Push Ups
4. Push Ups
 B. For Max Combined Reps –
-2 min AMRAP Rest 2 minutes
-Overhead Squat
-Thruster (same weight as OHS)
-Row for Calories
Level 1 CrossFit – 
Skill: Overhead Squat
Sets of 5 reps
2 Min on 2 min off for max reps
Overhead Squat (keeping torso upright and head straight)
Row (for calories)