Tuesday – February 7 – Hand Care

Tuesday – February 7 – Hand Care

Take Care of Your Hands!

One of the great aspects of CrossFit training is improved grip strength without having to walk around with those silly looking ‘grip squeezer’ thingies all day. Because our full body movements really do mean ‘full body movements’ your hands are an important part of your training – whether on the barbell kettlebell or pull up bar. We’ve all seen photos of someone’s torn up hands and while having ‘some’ callus on your hands is important…you do NOT want to rip! Ripping happens but I repeat…you do NOT want to rip.

Often times when someone tears their hand it could have been avoided. There are three steps to taking care of your hands before during and after your workout.

-The first step is being proactive and keeping your callouses under control; most tears are from mountainous callouses.

-The second step takes place during training; keep an awareness for the condition of your hands. Movements can always be substituted when your hands getting close to a tear due to improper maintenance.

-Lastly the third step is keeping the skin on your hands healthy and recovered post workout with moisturizing and callous maintenance. Torn hands are nothing to be proud of and are an uncomfortable obstacle to your daily training. They keep you off the barbell out of much gymnastics work and away from your core goals. Keeping your hands healthy and happy is well worth it!

….Now if only someone put together a convenient kit for hand care…

-Coach Tyler

The Great Wall of Stronger Faster Healthier…getting people fit and healthy…it’s a beautiful thing (oh and bonus points for knowing what is in the upper left corner just above the plant).

Tuesday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit

A1. Hang Power Clean


A2. L-Sit

20 second minimum cumulative hold

B. 15 Minute AMRAP

‘Chest to Bar Cindy’

5x Chest to Bar Pull Ups

10x Push Ups

15x Air Squat

-scale reps down first (4/8/12 369 – then movements – chin over bar etc)

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: L-Sit & Kipping Pull Ups

WOD: ‘Cindy’

20 Minute AMRAP

5x Pull Ups

10x Push Ups

15x Air Squats