Saturday – February 11 – A Weekend Post!

Saturday – February 11 – A Weekend Post!

Hey gang

I know we don’t normally post on weekends but Saturday’s and Sunday’s at High Voltage are pretty awesome – I want to make sure you’re all taking advantage of a bunch of specialty classes we’re offering and fun we’re having!

Saturday –

9am – Level 1 Team Workout – Perfect for CrossFit beginners or anyone getting back in the fitness game. These fun workouts are done in a team or with a partner (you don’t need to bring one – we have plenty here for you) and takes a little of the performance pressure off…but also makes you push a little harder…seems like it’s contradictory right? But it’s not/is.

10am – All Levels Team Workout – Same idea as the 9am session but more varied movements. Pick a team name and battle it out for Saturday Team WOD supremacy!

11am – Basic Barbell Training – One of our most popular classes. Some use it for to refine the basic barbell lifts – deadlift squat press power clean and accessory work. Others use it to get really really strong. If you haven’t ever taken this class you really are missing out!

Sunday – 

10am – The Long WOD – Need to sweat? I mean really really need to sweat? Need to work off whatever you did on Saturday night? Need to lean up a little more for the end of the Nutritional Challenge? The Long WOD is it! We’re talking WOD’s 30 minutes ‘minimum’. Bring your A-game and an extra set of lungs.

11am – High Voltage Strength -The best in strength training! Barbells Olympic lifting powerlifting prowlers…get ready to go BIG!

  • So if you need to change up your already constantly varied routine then plan on switching out one of your regular classes and check out the fun we’re having on the weekend. See you all here Saturday & Sunday!



Oh and one more thing…this is coming. And you’re ALL invited!