Monday – February 13 – Party Time!

Monday – February 13 – Party Time!

By now you’ve heard about the upcoming CrossFit Games ‘Open Sectionals’ and our In House ‘Fittest In Burbank Challenge’ that is starting Friday February 24 and be at the box for 5 fun weeks on Fridays.

And by now I’m sure you’ve put it together that everyone at High Voltage likes to have a good time.

So…an idea was born!

Friday February 24 at 5:30pm we’re going to be hosting the first of the Open Sectional WOD’s…and it’s going to be a Party – High Voltage style!

  • We will be celebrating everyone’s hard work nutritional improvement and the finish of the 30 Day Challenge with a ‘Non-Paleo’ Pot Luck
  • We will be celebrating the gym’s award as 2011 CrossFit Business of the Year
  • We will be kicking off the 5 awesome weeks of Friday workouts that will take place each week at High Voltage
  • We will be announcing the winners & giving out prizes for the Refine Your Fuel Nutritional Challenge

Everyone is invited to the party on Friday February 24 at 5:30pm at High Voltage.

Bring your friends and family!

But wait…there’s even more. To support our gym and Community we need you to register at – it’s how you’ll be a part of the CrossFit Games Open Sectionals and the only way to participate in our Fittest in Burbank Challenge. charges just $20 for this awesome event and in addition to the amazing benefit of being a part of the biggest fitness event on the planet…High Voltage is throwing in these great benefits for registering:

1. For the entire 5 weeks of the event all Friday training sessions will be ‘on the house!!!’ That means if you register for this event you will be automatically upgraded 1 training session every week for the duration of the Challenge! So if you are coming 2x per week for the 5 weeks you can now come 3x per week (1 of them must be a Friday).
2. 15% off all retail that we carry (Stronger Faster Healthier High Voltage shirts callus kits jump ropes stickers gym bags etc).
3. A Complementary Buddy Pass – Our ‘Yeah Buddy’ Pass – for you to give to a friend to try one of our awesome classes with you (a $25 value).

The ‘Yeah Buddy’ Pass!

But…you must be registered at and join the High Voltage team to take advantage of this!

The Deets on The Fittest in Burbank Challenge –

  • We will be hosting the CrossFit Games Open Sectional WOD every Friday night at 5:30pm for 5 weeks from Feb 24 – March 23
  • All classes on Friday will be doing this WOD so if you are a Waffle Wodder you can still join in on all the fun! Everyone can step up and being a part of the High Voltage team!

There will be 4 divisions based on your current level of fitness -Recruit Apprentice Journeyman and Veteran

  • The Recruit division is anyone who completes Baseline not as prescribed – some or many movements are scaled
  • The Apprentice division is anyone who completes all movements in Baseline as prescribed and has no assistance
  • The Journeyman division is for anyone who completes all movements in Baseline as prescribed and has a time of (men – under 5:30) / (women – under 7:30)
  • The Veteran division is for anyone who completes all movements in Baseline as prescribed and has a time of (men – under 4 minutes)/ (women – under 5:45)
After 5 weeks we will announce the division winners based on the weekly scores you input on the Games website. There will be a Volt & Vixen winner for each division…and one Volt and Vixen will be named the ‘Fittest in Burbank’!!!

If you have a questions as to where you will be placed please ask your roster coach and we’ll let you know your time & division. Remember we will be doing our Baseline Testing again next Monday & Tuesday at the box (2/20 & 21)!

Let’s come get some on Monday!

Monday’s Training 

All Levels CrossFit: 

A. Clean & Jerk Complex – 5 sets – rest 2 min each set.

3x Power Clean (touch & go)

3x Front Squat
3x Power Jerk
B. Max Reps Touch & Go Clean & Jerk (at Grace weight or lower) –
set can continue as long as you don’t rest on the ground and keep hands on bar – pause is ok but resting on back isn’t
C. 6 Min AMRAP
15x Double Unders
5x Burpees
Level 1 CrossFit
Skill: Front Squat –
WOD: 15 Minute AMRAP
3x Burpees
5x KB Swing
7x KB Goblet Front Squat
50x Jump Rope Passes