Tuesday – February 14

Tuesday – February 14

  • Can you believe we are already 2/3 done with the 30 Day Refine Your Fuel Challenge? Less than 10 days left…stay strong stay focused – here is where you really dial in your results and make your better nutrition choices permanent.
  • Recipe contest #2 is underway! If you have an awesome recipe and photo of your prepared meal please email it to nutrition@crossfithighvoltage.com by this Sunday night at 11:59pm. We had some really great submissions for the first Recipe contest…we’re looking forward to seeing even more of what awesome ideas your creative minds can conjure up.
  • In addition to the awesome benefits that we mentioned yesterday for registering at games.crossfit.com (upgraded membership on Fridays 15% off all retail and a complementary ‘Yeah Buddy’ pass) – we’re going to give 10 points…that’s right – 10 points to everyone in the Refine Your Fuel Challenge who registers! So if you were late logging your workout if you had a cheat meal – here’s your chance to get back in the game…and if you’re close to the lead well you know the game and know what to do! Plus you get the added benefit of supporting our Community and fellow Volts and Vixens. Win-win -win (3rd win is for me because I helped negotiate the win-win).
And now…
High Voltage is proud to present its first ever culinary seminar this Saturday from 1-3pm. We’ve enlisted the services of cooking experts Stefan Niemczyk and Nikki Ledford. This focused seminar will cover nutritional information including the truth about certain paleo myths. There will also be an introduction to proper paleo cooking and food preparation techniques.

The seminar is only $15 if you are currently in doing the Refine Your Fuel Challenge ($40 for non-participants or non-members of High Voltage). You can register on the sign up sheet next to the whiteboard at the box or you can reserve your spot by clicking this link for the ‘Kettlebell Cooking Class’.

For the Refine Your Fuel Challengers who are looking to make up some extra points – it’s a 3 point bonus for taking this class.

But…there are only 20 slots available for this class…and we currently have only 13 spaces left. Sign up now to reserve your place!

This Saturday February 18 1-3pm.

 Norma’s been rocking the Refine Your Fuel Challenge…and also is rocking her improved squat clean technique!

Level 1 CrossFit learns the points of performance on the Front Squat

More shenanigans…

More hard work – Huge improvements on your front squat Katie!

But it just kept ending up the same…let’s see who’s ready to bring it on Tuesday!

Tuesday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit

 A1. Back Squat 5-3-2-2-2
A2. 20 second AMRAP –
set 1 = strict pull ups set 2 = chest to bar pull ups (kipping is ok) set 3 = chin over bar pull ups set 4 = toes 2 bar
B. 85% of 2RM for max reps – as long as you stay under the bar you’re ‘fine’….
C. ‘Lactate Tester’ – For Time
25 cal row
25 box jumps
25 kb swings (should be heavy for you)
25 Chest to Bar pull ups
25 burpees
Level 1 CrossFit
Skill: Back Squat
Sets of 5 reps for 10 minutes
WOD: for time
20 cal row
20 box jumps
20 kb swings
20 pull ups
20 wall ball
20 sit ups
20 burpees