Thursday – February 16 – Heavy Deads!

Thursday – February 16 – Heavy Deads!

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Rx Vs “Rx”

One of the most important roles a coach has is to explain the difference between proper movements or behaviors and improper ones. It is our job to let each athlete know exactly how and why we do things a certain way here at CFHV. Today I’d like to talk about the almighty “Rx” symbol.
The ‘Rx’ next to a score says a lot. It tells us that ‘this athlete possesses the proper skill and ability to complete this particular workout as it is written.’ There are two common faults I see when looking at scores on our daily board that I’d like to address.

-The devil is in the details –
Many times we look at the board and see only a time. No scaling options or progressions are recorded no weights used are recorded and there’s no discernible way for us as coaches to know how that workout went. If it was a fast time or a slow time why was it so fast/slow? Did you use lighter weight? Did you scale up or down the movements? Or was it slower BECAUSE you did it as prescribed? It is important for the workouts to be scored accurately because it lets us know as coaches where you need to improve and how we can help you to move forward with your training.

-The “Rx” Symbol-
This fault is seen a little more commonly and it is understandably so. Everyone wants to work towards being able to finish the workouts as they are written – whether it is with a specifically challenging movement time domain or weight. It is a big goal initially for anyone to be able to proudly write that ‘Rx’ next to their scores. The more common fault that we see is that the scores are recorded as prescribed but the workouts don’t necessarily reflect that. For example if you’ve done a very tough WOD in 10:31 exactly as written except for one little section that does not constitute an Rx’d workout. You could have 20 different movements involved and 19 of them could be done perfectly but if you subbed single rope passes in for double unders at the end your written score should reflect that: 10:31 (singles).

The reason why we care about this is not to knock anyone down a peg. We want everyone to succeed in our program. But once again it tells us as coaches where you’re at and what you need to work on. More importantly it will remind you where your game could improve. Maybe looking at your score written down is just the push you need to improve in those areas. That way when you finally reach your goals and earn that almighty ‘Rx’ tag next to your score it’ll feel that much more special.

~Coach Joshua Murillo

Get it!

Thursday’s Training – 

All Levels CrossFit

A. Deadlift –
Find 1 rep max

B. Strict Press

C. 5 min max double unders
Every break is 5 wall ball

Score is total double unders

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Deadlift
Sets of 5 reps for about 1012 min

5 rounds 1 min per stations 1 min break after 3 stations- max reps
-Deadlift – light/high rep
-Jump Rope
-Wall Ball