Friday – February 17 – We’re all improving…

Friday – February 17 – We’re all improving…

Sometimes it seems like things don’t move as quickly as you want them to.

Sometimes it appears that gains are easier for others than they are for you.

I’m here to tell you this is not the truth.

It is hard work.

It is determination.

It is stepping in our door every day.

It is humbling yourself and becoming a part of the process.

It is helping a new CrossFitter become better.

It is putting yourself in the environment for adaptation.

It is continually starting over again at step 1 and going through each part again.

-We can all do it.

If you are currently doing it whether it’s with our gym or not take a moment and be very happy about what you’ve done.

If you’re not doing it drop us a line – 818-848-8804 and let’s help get you started.

585 by coach Josh – he had 635# at his knees…let’s look for that in March! And for those of you keeping track from his post in January his snatch is up 30# to 235. Only 10# off his March goal. Ever Ready and always improving…

Krystal worked up to 220#…she has worked so hard for her results and we’re very happy for her. PS it was a 55# improvement on her Personal Record…but who’s counting? (we absolutely are)

Coach Murillo pulled a PR of 460#! Can you tell we’re proud of our incredible coaches?

And Desi pulled a PR of 220# nearly double her body weight (of which I am not telling)! And she can run do double unders kick ass on box jumps and and… and…this stuff doesn’t happen over night. It takes time proper progressions proper attention and programming design…but with dedicated athletes and coaches who care about your performance…

It keeps on happening! There were so many PR’s today more than we can post here. We’re not a new gym and we take the fact that most (or all) of a class that ends up PR’ing as a huge accomplishment.

So when you need a place to get you started – when you’re ready for your very first instruction on how to deadlift properly and WHY you need to deadlift properly…

When you need a place to get you over your hard spot -when you need a place to get you to your ‘BHAG’ (big hairy audacious goal) – give us a shot.

That’s kind of our thing…

PS this guy is teaching our Paleo Cooking class this Saturday from 1-3pm…trust me he deadlifts over 500# and runs a sub 6 minute mile  – you want to know what he knows…and he’s a pretty good cook…

Friday’s Training

10 Minute Work  Capacity Test (aka one of my favorites…)

In 10 minutes complete –

4 min max calorie row

3 min max reps chest to bar pull ups

2 min max reps body weight back squat

1 min max reps shoulder to overhead (135/95 – scale as needed)