Monday – February 20 – Refine Your Fuel Testing!

Monday – February 20 – Refine Your Fuel Testing!

Just 4 weeks ago we did the initial fitness testing and intake for the 30 Day Refine Your Fuel Nutritional Challenge. We have seen some amazing results already and the great news is…we’re not…quite…done!

Monday & Tuesday (and Wednesday if you absolutely can’t make it Monday or Tuesday) we will be doing our ‘outake’ at the box. This means we will be re-testing your 1 Rep Max Back Squat and your Baseline conditioning times and ‘after’ photos and measurements.

Stay focused…you’ve all made some enormous gains. At the day 20 mark we’d already had a handful of you tell us you’d lost 20#’s! Wow! But even more importantly you’ve learned a whole lot about how your body operates with better eating more focused training and full commitment. Our entire Coaching Staff is excited to see where you’ll be after your 30 days are complete.

Now…what would your life look like if you were able to do this every month?

Wait you can…because you already are. You may not go this ‘clean’ all the time. You might have found out that you like to do ‘weekday’ Paleo or are 80/20 or how to fuel properly before and after your training session. The goal is to implement your new knowledge into the rest of your life. The goal is to help you realize everything you are fully capable of.

Oh and this Friday night it is time to celebrate!

  • Fittest in Burbank & CrossFit Games Open Sectionals is this Friday at 5:30pm at the box. We will be doing the WOD’s at each class on Friday but the big party and Non-Paleo Potluck will be happening Friday night. Come help us celebrate a bunch more awesomeness. There’s really only one thing we need and that’s YOU!
  • Sign up at and choose to be a part of the High Voltage Team! Again…this means…YOU!!!
  • Post what you are looking forward to eating this Friday night at the ‘Non-Paleo Potluck’ to comments.

Stefan & Nikki dropping some gourmet Paleo knowledge on everyone at our first ‘Kettlebell Cooking Class’

And we’re a fitter healthier Community for it! We’ve received a TON of inquiries about doing more of these classes…and because Stefan can just barely out deadlift me…I can’t say no…

Stay tuned for the next installment of the latest hit at High Voltage -The Kettlebell Cooking class!

Monday’s Training

A. Find 1 Rep Max Back Squat

B. CrossFit Baseline for time:

500m Row

40x Squats

30x Sit Ups

20x Push Ups

10x Pull Ups

Rest 10 min then –

C. Lactate Tester 2.0 For time:

250m Row

15x Burpees

25x KB Swings

15x Burpees

400m Run