Tuesday – February 21 – You’re 30!

Tuesday – February 21 – You’re 30!

Congrats on turning 30…that is – all of our Refine Your Fuel Challengers have completed their 30 Day course to eat better train more consistently and find out new ways to improve your overall health & fitness. You’ve done the hard work

I woke up to a really cool email yesterday from Edgar he wrote “The proof is in the paleo pudding!!! Smashed my baseline by 1 minute 5 seconds added 20 pounds to my back squat and lost 5 pounds! Yeah Buddy!!!”

Needless to say that was the start of a pretty awesome  day. But…it just got better. After I left the box I got a call from Coach Murillo that we had 83 PR’s on Monday (but who’s counting…wait we’re counting…and there were 83). Not a bad way to spend a holiday.

We’ve still got a bunch of you who need to do the post-test workouts (1 Rep Back Squat & Baseline) the post RFY out take measurements (this needs to be completed by Wednesday). If you weren’t in Monday you’ll be doing this today  at the box…if you were in Monday we’ve got a little something ‘fun’ for you.

  • All the winners & prizes will be announced this Friday Night at our big party (5:30pm Sectional/Fittest in Burbank WOD Non-Paleo Potluck to follow). Trust me you want to be there.
  • And a huge thank you from all the coaching staff – we’re seeing how many people are starting to get registered on games.crossfit.com & joining our team! That is awesome and we are honored to have each and every one of our Volts and Vixens rep our Community. Oh and if you want to read the best Team Description EVER…well you’ve got to go to High Voltage’s Games website and check it out!

Karissa’s first of very many PR’s! Congrats!

Tuesday’s Training

Note -If you weren’t in yesterday you will be doing your 1 Rep Max Back Squat & Baseline post-test.

All Levels CrossFit: 

A. Thruster


B. 4 Rounds: 1 minute on rest 3 minutes

12 DB Thrusters then with remaining time in the minute is AMRAP double unders

Your score is total double unders combined in all 4 rounds.

Level 1: 

Skill: Thruster

WOD: 4 Rounds – 2 Minute AMRAP rest 2 Minute

AMRAP of 10 DB Thrusters 40 rope passes in 2 minutes

Score is combined rounds completed in all 4 rounds