Monday – February 27 – Recovery During Sectionals

Monday – February 27 – Recovery During Sectionals

Recovery During Sectionals ~

I’m so impressed with every one’s performance on the first sectional WOD. It’s a sign of all your hard work and dedication and taking the ‘Full Effort is Full Victory’ mantra. On that note I would like to talk about recovery so that for the next 4 weeks we can continue to find ourselves in a prime state to measure our progress.

Due to the nature of the Open Sectionals and the fact that they are drawn out over the course of 5 weeks rather than a one weekend blowout maintaining your conditioning strength and overall well being becomes crucial. We’ve all been good about feeding our hungry post-workout muscles what they need and want. Remember that now will be the most important time to up your protein intake and keep your muscle tissue well tended to.

We have GREATLY cleaned up our diet these last 30 days reducing our intake of Pro-Inflammatory Omega-6s. Still during this time of testing inflammation and joint soreness will become  a main obstacle. It is paramount to maintain or even increase our intake of Anti-Inflammatory Omega-3s (aka-Fish Oil). If you’re one of the few not taking Fish Oils year round I would still recommend temporarily introducing them into your diet during this time of testing. The benefits speak for themselves just ask the CrossFitter next to you.

Keep up the hard work Volts and Vixens and let’s see what we’re capable of!

~Coach Tyler

Yeah Friday night was cool…

How cool?

How awesome?

How memorable?

How supportive?

How intense?

How intense?

How intense?

How unforgettable?

Let’s just say we know how to have a good time!

Community support has always been one of the main drivers of High Voltage. You all made Friday night special. It was the accumulation of all the hard days of training – and whether you come to Level 1 and just got started or have been around since the old box YOU are what makes this special. Your energy IS needed.

And for about a thousand more killer photos check out our Facebook page –

-Same time this coming Friday night at 5:30pm. Stay on top of your recovery and let’s keep killing it!

Monday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit: 

A1-Back squat 5×3
A2- toes 2 bar 3×15  (3 sets)

B. 85% of 3rep squat for max reps (as long as you stay under the bar)

20) Bx4 make you they stay on work/rest pace
B1. KBS x 20 rest 30 sec
B2. Muscle up progressions x 5 – rest 30 sec (at your most difficult progression – chin/chest/belly/muscle up!)
B3. 30 seconds AMRAP double unders rest 30 sec

2 scores are kb weight minus total breaks on kb / lowest round of double unders
I.e. 70kb swing -9 breaks = 61.

Level 1 CrossFit

1- Kipping pull ups work technique and refine it!
2- Front squat – sets of 7 reps for 10 minutes

WOD: 15 min AMRAP
10x goblet squats
15x kb swings
20x sit ups
50x jump rope passes