Tuesday – February 28 – 2 months in

Tuesday – February 28 – 2 months in

  • The results are IN! High Voltage came in 17th in SoCal after the first Open Sectional Workout on Friday out of 131 affiliates who fielded a team. That’s an awesome performance it’s was A LOT of burpees and it shows how hard you’ve all been training and the enormous improvements you’ve made in your fitness. I know we’ve got way more in us too…so let’s hit these next 4 weeks hard. As always YOUR energy is needed! Each of you make an important part of our High Voltage team.
  • Don’t forget we’ll be doing the CrossFit Games Open Sectional WOD every Friday at every class – with the big ‘Friday Night Lights’ bash at 5:30pm. Friends and family area always welcome.
  • The next WOD isn’t announced until Wednesday night at 5pm so you can rest easy for a second.
  • Post guesses of what the Sectional WOD 12.2 will be to comments – the closest guess will get a 10 oz bottle of SFH Fish Oil!

Check out this video of Chad doing some legit ‘gasmask over bar’ pull ups at the Fire Academy!

Got an awesome video of you doing awesome CrossFit shenanigans? Post it to YouTube and send me a link – I love watching & sharing our members being awesome…and yeah it’s happens kind of a lot.

Tuesday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit

Ax4. Clean & Jerk Complex – (Anaerobic Power)

3x Power Clean 3x Front Squat 3x Power Jerk (touch & go all reps – especially power clean)

Bx2 . Max Reps in 1 minute Clean & Jerk (95/65#) – rest 3 min then repeat. Score is total reps – goal is to work the whole minute touch & go. (anaerobic capacity)

C. Row sprint repeats – Everyone’s favorites 🙂 (anaerobic capacity/glycolytic/lactate recovery)

3×300 meter row then immediately into max set Handstand Push Ups (sub ring push ups regular push ups knee push ups) – the set terminates when you fail a rep or fall off the wall

-rest 3 minutes after HSPU is finished.

-Score is slowest row and total HSPU

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill – Hang Power Clean

WOD: 4 stations 1 minutes per station 1 minute rest 3 rounds for total reps

-Med Ball Cleans

-Row for Calories

-Push Ups

-Pull ups